The following student learning outcomes, goals, assessment methods and core competencies have been identified for the Ventura College Tutoring Center:


  • To guide and assist students in understanding course subject matter.
  • To help students learn good study habits and become independent learners.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students using the tutoring center will:

  • After tutoring sessions, the student will demonstrate improved understanding of their course subject matter.
  • After tutoring sessions, the student will be able to apply learned study habits to independent school work.

Assessment Method

  • The Tutoring Center Survey
  • Tutor input
  • Data analysis by the Institutional Research Office

Core Competencies

  • 2.1 Information Competency: Recognize the need for information and/or identify and clarify the question that needs to be answered.
  • 2.3 Information Competency: Find and interpret relevant information from text, tables, graphs, maps, media, personal communication, observation, and electronic databases
  • 3.3 Critical Thinking: Apply lessons from the past or learned knowledge and skills to new and varied situations
  • 6.6 Life Skills: Apply time management skills to complete a task.

 The Tutoring Center Department student learning outcomes were updated on 9//17/10.