• Enhance your educational experience while completing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree
  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Make friends who have similar academic and career interests
  • Develop a close relationship with faculty members
  • Develop and improve your academic leadership skills
  • Raise your educational expectations
  • Link with student and professional organizations to enhance your personal and professional development


We continue to provide services to our students by providing a space to study, use books and connect with other STEM students.  MESA Staff is happy to assist you: via email, phone, and ConferZoom.  



The MESA Center has offers tutoring to All MESA and ASEM students, every semester our hours changed based on tutors schedule. Tutoring will be in the following:

  • MATH V04, V05, V20, V21A, V21B, V22, V44
  • PHYS V01, V04, V05
  • CHEM V20, V01A, V01B
  • Engineering Courses

Please visit our MESA Canvas platform to see Tutoring Schedule :



TBD Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, & Math
Sebastian Alvarez Chemistry and Biology
Justin Olivares   Math (all levels)
John Vallada Math (all levels, except Stats) Elementary Chemistry 
Angel Huante

Physics & Math

  • Educational Planning: In addition to three resident VC Counselors in STEM, we are pleased to welcome to the MESA Family.
  • Student Professional Development: We hope to provide continued opportunities to attend upcoming conferences in a new virtual platform.  Pre-COVID-19, we attended conferences such as; 
    •  SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanic and Native Americans in Science)
    • SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) 
    • HENAAC (Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation)
    • Women in Engineering Conference
    • MESA Student Leadership
  • Professional Workshops: The MESA Program offers workshops for students to create their personal statements and resumes. 
  • Internship & Scholarship Opportunities: The MESA Program has many resources and the Student Services Assistant is constantly updating students about new opportunities. 
  • Academic Excellent Workshops: Group study sessions with other MESA students led by a facilitator, offered every semester, and curtailed to the needs of the student(s) participating.   
  • *Study Center: We offered a quiet center for students, and we have many STEM course textbooks to be used in the center. 
  • *Work Site Visits: MESA students are able to visit labs and work fields such as that of AGQ Labs and NAVAIR located close to Ventura College. (*Site visits are currently unavailable due to COVID-19) 
  • *MESA Banquet: An annual tradition held in the month of May, students and their families along with staff, faculty, and special guest speakers enjoy a dinner to celebrate & acknowledge the accomplishments and participation of MESA/ASEM students.    
  • Stay up to date with MESA events! VC MESA is on Instagram!  Give us a follow @venturacollegemesa .