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How to Apply

For applicants outside the U.S. intending to obtain F-1 status

  1. Submit the application documents listed on the checklist on the Apply for Admission page.
  2. Receive* the certificate of eligibility (I-20 form) for F-1 status.
  3. Pay the SEVIS fee to the U.S. Government either through the online services at https://www.fmjfee.com/ or in person at the U.S. embassy.
  4. Schedule a visa interview appointment with the U.S. embassy.
  5. Attend the visa interview appointment.
  6. Make travel plans, arrive in the U.S., obtain a stamp on the arrival departure form (I-94 form), and obtain student status for the duration of your studies in the U.S.
  7. Check in at Ventura College International Students Office
  8. Attend the Mandatory New Student Orientation for the semester you have applied for, and register for classes - at least 12 units (at least 9 traditional units). Payment for classes is required at the time of registration.
  9. Begin your studies at Ventura College and purchase books and class supplies as needed. In order to maintain your F-1 student status, you must remain continuously enrolled in at least 12 units for the entire semester.

*Ventura College and the ISP office will evaluate your application and documents and, if complete, will issue the acceptance letter. It will also offer the I-20 form for outside-the-country and change-of-status applicants. This provides the authorization needed for student visa or change-of-status application. This applicant will also receive a letter of acceptance and more information regarding the visa interview and possible arrival in the U.S. as an international student.

For applicants inside the U.S. currently under F-2 (dependent) status

Dependent family members under F-2 status can attend Ventura College - however they may not accept employment nor engage in business. Please contact us for details.

Restrictions on F-2 dependents

The following are restrictions placed on F-2 status holders by U.S. Immigration Law that went into effect on January 1st, 2003:

  1. The F-2 spouse of an F-1 student may not engage in full-time study, and the F-2 child may only engage in full-time study if the study is an elementary or secondary school (kindergarten through twelfth grade). The F-2 spouse and child may engage in study that is avocational or recreational in nature.
  2. An F-2 spouse or F-2 child desiring to engage in full-time study, other than that allowed for a child in paragraph 1 of this section, must apply for and obtain a change-of-nonimmigrant classification to F-1, J-1, or M-1 status.
  3. An F-2 spouse or F-2 child is in violation of their nonimmigrant status if engaged in full-time study, except as provided in paragraph 1 or 2 of this section.

An F-2 dependent could engage in English-language study or other part-time study for "avocational or recreational" purposes. The nature of the study would have to be taken into consideration in assessing the limits of this exception. For example, even part-time study might be interpreted by USCIS as something other than "avocational or recreational" if it counts towards degree requirements, leads to a specific educational or professional objective, or if it satisfies a prerequisite.

Extension of stay for F-2 dependents

Dependents in F-2 status are permitted to stay in the United States only to the extent that the F-1 student is authorized to stay. F-2 dependents maintain their status through the F-1 student maintaining their status. Like F-1 students, F-2 dependents are required to keep their passports valid at least six months into the future.

Visits abroad and re-entry

An F-2 dependent leaving the United States temporarily must have the documents needed both to enter the country to be visited and to re-enter the United States. As is the case of the F-1 student, the F-2 dependent needs a valid passport and visa (unless exempt from passport and visa requirements), and a properly endorsed I-20 form. F-2 dependents are eligible for automatic extension of validity of visas on the same basis as F-1 students.

Departure or termination of status

A nonimmigrant holding F-2 status must terminate that status and depart from the United States "upon the termination of the status of the principal F-1 alien."

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