The Community Colleges of Ventura County require coverage for health and accident insurance for all International Students (F-1 Visa). If you have insurance, you need to provide the name of your insurance company, policy number, expiration date and policy coverage limits in English. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you must obtain insurance in the U.S. upon arrival at the college and prior to your enrollment. Information is available for you in the International Student Office at each college.

Important Health Information:

When traveling from country to country, a student may be exposed to different diseases. The Community Colleges of Ventura County encourage immunization of the following types: Tetanus, Measles and Rubella. We strongly recommend that you complete this immunization before entering the U.S. The Tuberculosis Test is required prior to or at the time of enrollment. If you wish to take the Tuberculosis Test after you arrive in the U.S., contact the college International Student Office.