Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for the services of the EAC?

There are no extra fees charged for Educational Assistance Center services.  Students with disabilities are obligated to pay the same registration and other college fees as all student do.

How can I get extra time on tests?

You must provide the EAC with documentation which verifies your disability.  You must meet with your EAC counselor to determine whether extended time on tests is an appropriate accommodation for you based on your disability and individual needs.

What if I have trouble on my tests because I speak English as a second language?  Can I get extra time on tests?

Having limited English proficiency skills is not considered a disability. We cannot authorize extra time on tests for you simply on the basis of your language limitations. 

What if I have trouble reading because of  a visual impairment or learning disability? 

Alternate text is an accommodation that may be available to you.  Textbooks, class handouts and exams can be produced for you in large print, Braille, e-text, audio recordings, or Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic.  Discuss this accommodation with your counselor when you complete your Student Educational Contract.

What if I think I might have a learning disability, but have never been tested?

Speak to your EAC counselor about your concerns. 

What if an instructor refuses to allow me to have an accommodation like extended time on tests?

If the accommodation has been authorized on your Student Educational Contract and the instructor has been notified through official EAC procedures, it is generally the obligation of the instructor to comply with allowing you to receive that accommodation, unless it creates a fundamental alteration of the academic requirements of the class.  It is best to attempt to discuss the issue with your instructor in a non-confrontational manner so that you learn to improve your own self-advocacy skills.  If you are unsuccessful or too uncomfortable then you can request assistance from your EAC counselor who can speak to the instructor, if appropriate, on your behalf.  If the matter cannot be resolved then it goes through the Grievance Procedure outlined in the college catalog.