Alternate Media

Alternate Media is an accommodation for eligible Ventura College students who have a print disability due to vision, learning or mobility limitations. It's an accommodation that is evaluated and approved by an Educational Assistance Center (EAC) counselor.

Alternate Media is the process of converting inaccessible content, such as printed textbooks, to an electronic format that is accessible to a student's assistive technology device or software.

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Schedule an appointment with your EAC counselor to determine your eligibility. 

    If you are approved for the Alternate Media accommodation, reach out to the Alternate Media Specialist, Shirley Ruiz, to learn more about your accommodation and the alternate media request process.


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    TECH TIME - Wednesdays 2:00pm - 3:00pm
    Let's talk TECH!

    Join Shirley Ruiz, Alternate Media Specialist, on Wednesdays from 2:00pm - 3:00pm via Zoom!

    Ask a question or two and/or stay for technology discussions & demonstrations.
    tech, smart devices, iphone, ipad, laptop, android
    WORKSHOP: Technology to Enhance Learning
    • Explore the built in features of your computer, smart device, etc.
    • Explore text-to-speech to aid in reading speed, comprehension, etc.
    • Explore software & apps for reading, writing, studying, etc.

    NOTE: if you need an accommodation to attend the workshop, please contact Shirley Ruiz at 805-289-6115 at least three (3) days prior to workshop date.