Ventura College Off-Campus Programs Task Force 2013-2014

Charge: The mission of the Ventura College Off-Campus Programs Task Force is to develop recommendations to improve service to residents and meet the educational needs of the Santa Clara River Valley communities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Piru. The Task Force will forward recommendations to the Ventura College President and the Board of Trustees for the Ventura County Community College District for implementation of initiatives as early as fall 2014.
Planning Process: The committee will strategize and develop recommendations by adhering to the following planning parameters.
  1. Identify (Conceptual Study):  needs and opportunities
  2. Requirements (Requirement Study):  research; resources needed - personnel, fiscal, facility
  3. Feasibility (Feasibility Study): constraints -rational and political
  4. Analysis (Design Study): validate; integrate and optimize
  5. Design (Design Recommendation): prioritize; planning commitment
Completed Action Steps:
Action Steps Taken                                    Date of Completion              
Community Town Hall Meeting, Forum, and Open House with President Dr. Gillespie at the VC Santa Paula site. Town Hall invitation October 2, 2013

Community Survey distributed to college and community. 100 responses collected.

October 7-18, 2013
Synthesis of community survey results. October 21- November 22, 2013
First Committee Meeting.  Minutes.

November 24, 2013

Second Committee Meeting. Minutes.

January 8, 2014

Third Committee Meeting. Minutes.

January 22, 2014

Fourth Committee Meeting. Minutes.

February 4, 2014

Final Design Report with Recommendations from the Task Force

March 4, 2014

Board of Trustees Meeting. Agenda.

March 11, 2014

Documents for Review:
Committee Members: The committee of thirteen was selected from over 50 interested candidates and is comprised of community, college, and student representatives from Fillmore, Santa Paula, and Ventura College. 
  • Dr. Kay Boger, Ventura College Business Professor, former Dean
  • Sabrina Canola, Administrative Assistant for Ventura College Off-Campus Programs
  • Dr. F. Paul Chounet, Office of the Superintendent for the Santa Paula School District, Special Projects
  • Mayo de la Rocha, Department Chair for Social and Behavioral Sciences at Ventura College
  • Elizabeth Garcia, Principal at Santa Paula High School
  • Tim Harrison, Committee Chair and Dean of Off-Campus Programs
  • Glenda Learn, College and Career Tech at Santa Paula High School
  • Lucia Marquez, Student and Secretary for the Ventura College Student Government
  • Jesse Ornelas, Director of Real Estate and Assets at Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation
  • Tony Prado, Board Member for the Fillmore Unified School District
  • Dr. Art Sandford, Ventura College Professor, Academic Senate President
Consulting Guests:  Special guest consultants were invited to committee meetings to provide expert insights on career pathways and educational opportunities for off-campus programming.
  • Casey Mansfield, Construction Technology Department Chair at Ventura College
  • Debbie Newcomb, Business Department Chair at Ventura College
  • Ted Prell, Criminal Justice Department Chair at Ventura College
  • Dr. Kathleen Schrader, Dean of Career and Technical Education
  • Sharon Woolley, Project Manager, Division of Economic Development for the Ventura County Community College District

For questions, comments, or concerns contact the Committee Chair:

Tim Harrison, Ed.D.
(805) 289-6121