Mission, Vision, and Core Commitments | Ventura College East Campus

Our Mission

For over 38 years, the Ventura College East Campus, has been an educational leader providing a positive and accessible learning environment that is responsive to the needs of students, promotes success, develops students to their full potential, creates lifelong learners, and fosters positive human values for successful living  and membership in a gStudent at Graduationlobal environment, for the Santa Clara River Valley Communities of Fillmore, Piru, and Santa Paula. This college campus is a model on how institutions of higher learning can combine innovative programs, student support, and instructional technologies to provide outstanding learning opportunities and community services. Ventura College East Campus also serves as the center of operations for Ventura College Off-Campus Programs, including Dual Enrollment.

Our Vision

Ventura College and the Ventura College East Campus will be a beacon of learning – a source of inspiration and guidance – for our students and community. 

Our Guiding Principles

At Ventura College and the Ventura College East Campus we believe that students come first and all else follows.  We strive to create a campus environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and mutual respect.  We are committed to these Guiding Principles in all that we do:

  • Embrace the strength of diversity
  • Listen with intensity and compassion
  • Communicate with integrity and patience
  • Design student-centered solutions
  • Spark self-confidence and a sense of discovery
  • Pursue our vision and goals with passion

Service Unit Outcomes - East Campus 

  1. Students will utilize, evaluate, and navigate a variety of student support services available at Ventura College East Campus, as they complete their educational plans. 
  2. Students will rate the Ventura College East Campus facilities, technology, and infrastructure safe, comfortable, accessible, and conducive to their learning environment. 
  3. Students will utilize and navigate instructional support services and technologies at the Ventura College East Campus Learning Resource Center as they complete their courses and meet their educational goals. 

Service Unit Outcomes - Off-Campus Programs

  1. ​Students will enroll in a rotation of course offerings at Ventura College East Campus which meet A-F General Education, certificate, and requirements for transfer.
  2. Ventura College will partner with local High Schools to develop and implement CCAP and Non-CCAP Dual Enrollment courses, to assist high school students in attaining college credits.
  3. Students will enroll in Non-Credit ESL courses which follow the days, times, and sequencing, which meet the targeted population's greatest need.    

Master Goals

VCEC GOAL 1:  Provide College access to students who bring diverse perspectives access 
VCEC Objectives

  • Improve and enhance opportunities for prospective students to visit VCEC and explore academic programs and resources
  • Create policies to meet the needs of specialized populations
  • Develop and enhance bridge and transition programs to prepare students for college level learning and development
  • Identify and implement best practice programming to address the growing needs of  VCEC non-traditional students 
  • Actively recruit and hire a diverse staff
  • Identify and implement best practices for creating an inclusive environment for student programs and services

VCEC GOAL 2:  Provide support for student persistence toward degree completion
VCEC Objectives

  • Increase awareness among faculty and staff and create a sense of shared responsibility for eliminating barriers to college 
  • Create leadership opportunities for students to enhance student engagement and/or retention
  • VCEC will collaborate with Academic Affairs to implement a campus wide early alert system
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of student needs to support continuous improvement of services to meet these needs

VCEC GOAL 3:  Infuse integrative approaches, community engagement, multicultural learning, and international perspectives into all aspects of learning
VCEC Objectives

  • Continue to create innovative and best practice programs to address student needs
  • Provide programs and services that foster positive relationships between members of the campus and surrounding communities to increase the quality of life for our VC students and build sustainable community partnerships
  • Increase student participation and engagement in events, activities, and student centers throughout both campuses
  • Enhance partnerships with campus and community partners to provide students experiential learning opportunities
  • Expand opportunities for students to become involved in co‐curricular programs

VCEC GOAL 4:  Build Infrastructure capacity
VCEC Objectives

  • Assess staffing needs to accomplish program objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive space plan to accommodate future growth of programs, services and staff
  • Continually research best practices and resources in technology to apply to our work and remain sustainable
  • Utilize technology to increase access to our services for our students and alumni 
  • Complete a cost benefit analysis of area program strategies, assess their relative value, and make resource allocations accordingly
  • Develop increased institutional fiscal support of co-curricular programs to meet the growing needs of our student population
  • Develop and implement assessment strategies to evaluate and improve programs and services

Campus Safety

VCEC Campus Safety Plan