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Program Overview

The ESL Department at Ventura College offers classes to help students become proficient in English. We have two programs: non-credit and credit/mirrored noncredit. 

English for Everyday Life: Beginning and Intermediate Students

Noncredit ESL courses (ESL N100A-D) are designed for students who wish to improve their English for everyday life. These classes combine all skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  

English for College: High-Intermediate and Advanced Students

Credit ESL courses (ENGM V01-3) are designed for students who intend to continue their college education and obtain a degree or certificate. The courses that end in ‘R’ focus on reading and writing skills for college (e.g. ENGM V01R). The courses that end in ‘L’ focus on listening and speaking skills for college (e.g. ENGM V01L).  

Mirrored noncredit courses (ENGM N101-3) offer exact replicas of the credit ESL course curriculum. Students who enroll in mirrored noncredit courses will be expected to complete the same coursework as students taking the course for credit. 

Why take Noncredit Classes? 

  • Noncredit classes are free 
  • Mirrored noncredit classes cover the same content as credit classes 

Why take Credit Classes? 

  • Essential for earning college units, also known as credits. Students pursuing a college degree require these credits. 
  • May be necessary to qualify for certain financial aid  
  • International (F1 Visa) students should enroll in credit ESL courses.