Diversity in Culture

Diversity in Culture Festival 2023

DiC Festival


Ventura College is ready to present the best the Diversity in Culture Festival yet!  

The goals of the 2023 Diversity in Culture Festival are to provide educational opportunities for greater awareness and understanding of diversity (both globally and locally), to foster connections and alliances with community services, to promote diversity events, presentations, displays and to engage faculty, staff and students to support and promote inclusion and representation of diverse populations.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

  • Ventura Education Partnership
  • The Ventura County Community Foundation
  • The Ventura College Foundation
  • County of Ventura
  • Community Action of Ventura County
  • Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project
  • Social Justice Fund for Ventura County
  • CAUSE - Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy


Mission Statement: The Ventura College Diversity in Culture Taskforce is committed to recognize, celebrate, and promote awareness and appreciation of the value of diversity at our college and in our community.


  • Provide events or opportunity for diversity.
  • Foster community connections and alliances with community services.
  • Increase/broaden support of the Diversity in Culture Advisory.
  • Use more visual communication to promote diversity- posters, displays, and website.
  • Engage faculty, staff, and students to support and promote diversity.
ventura education partnership


Ventura County Community Foundation


Ventura College Foundation


county of ventura


community action of ventura county
Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project
social justice fund for ventura county