The Curriculum Committee membership shall consist of voting faculty members (see below), representing instructional and counseling areas, one AFT representative, a librarian, the Articulation Officer and the Faculty Co-Chair. Non-voting members shall include the Recorder, the college Registrar, Chief Instructional Officer (who shall also serve as Co-Chair of the committee), ASVC President, and Academic Deans.

Selection of Representatives

The faculty members of the Curriculum Committee shall be nominated by their respective departments/units annually.

Curriculum Committee Co-Chair

Position Representative
Co-Chair, Vice President Academic Affairs Student Learning (non-voting)

Dr. Jennifer Kalsbeek-Goetz

Co-Chair, Faculty (voting)

Michael Bowen

Voting members  

Position(s) Representative

Academic Senate President

Articulation Officer

Dan Clark

Thao Brabander

AFT Representative


Career Education I Division

Kelly Wellman

Nicole Falco

Career Education II Division


John Clark

Dorothy Farias

College Outcome Group Representatives

Asher Sund

Aurora Meadows

English and Mathematics Division

Peter Yi

Health, Kinesiology, ICA, Performing & Visual Arts Division


Jeff Fischer

Maline Werness-Rude


Library, Languages, Behavioral & Social Sciences Division

Scott Corbett


Peter Sezzi

Sciences Division

Chloe Branciforte

Jennifer Garner

Student Services Division

Mario Rivera

Gema Espinoza Sanchez

Technical Review Chair Michael Callahan

Non-Voting members

Position Representative
ASVC Representative Michael Schouten                   (ASVC President)



Marcelo Vasquez

Phillip Briggs

Dean Tim Harrison
Dean Dan Kumpf
Dean Lisa Putnam
Dean Debbie Newcomb
Dean Felicia Dueñas
Dean Lynn Wright
Instructional Data Specialists


Kelly Denton

Olivia Long

Recorder/Curriculum Technician Sarah Ayala


Distance Education Liaison

Gabriella Asamsama-Acuña

Sharon Oxford