Curriculum Forms and Information

What goes to Curriculum Committee?


  • New Courses: Credit (Degree-Applicable and Nondegree-Applicable) and Noncredit
  • Revisions to Courses
  • Deletion of Courses
  • Experimental Courses
  • Updates of Courses (periodic review resulting in no changes to catalog data elements)
  • Distance Education Proposals (Courses Requesting to be taught in DE format)
  • All Requisites: Prerequisites and/or Corequisites and/or Recommended Preparation and/or Enrollment Limitations 
  • Study Abroad (International Education) proposals
  • All other college concerns regarding curriculum and curriculum policies (e.g., General Education proposals, articulation, academic policies, etc.)


  • New/Revised/Deleted Associate Degree Programs
  • New/Revised/Deleted Certificate Programs
  • New/Revised/Deleted Proficiency Awards