Child Development Student Worker Opportunities

We want our students to start working with children as early as possible in their educational careers. There is no better way to understand what you are learning and also provide you with the valuable experiences that will help you with your future endeavors.  There are opportunities for our students to work at the Orphalea Child Development Center (CDC) or at the Teacher Resource and Education Center for Students (T-RECS).  Schedules are created based on availability of our student workers.

At the CDC, students will be assisting in the classroom, working directly with the children and the Master Teachers.  Hours that you earn in the classroom can be used for applying your for your Teaching Permit.

At the T-RECS, students would be maintaining the space, helping other students who use the space, and can use the space for their own coursework.

Student workers can work up to 20 hours, in one or both spaces.

To work at the CDC, please contact the Center Director, Amanda Picard.

To work at the T-RECS, please contact Rachel Johnson or Deanna Hall