Strategic Planning-Objective One

VC Strategic Goal 1: Continuously improve educational programs and services to meet student, community, and workforce development needs.

VC Objective 1: Continuously assess Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for all courses and programs.

VCCCD Board Goal: Access and Student Success

 VC Accreditation Recommendation: As noted in 2004, in order to fully meet this Standard the team recommends that the college accelerate its efforts to identify measurable student learning outcomes for every course, instructional program, and student support programs. In conjunction with this effort the college should assess all learning outcomes and incorporate analysis of student learning assessments into course and program improvements. (Accreditation Standard II.B.1-7, II.A.1.c, II.A.2.a-b, II.A.2.e-f, II.B.4, II.C.2) 


Action Steps

Responsible Party



1.1 Form SLO Task Force to review variety of SLO assessment and documentation models and to recommend one to the Senate President; Academic Senate President October 2010 Completed.
1.2 Develop a model to document the development and assessment of SLOS that includes the application of the assessment to program improvement and an aggressive cycle for assessing course level SLOs SLO Task Force November 2010 Completed
1.3 Adopt SLO assessment model Academic Senate November 2010  Completed
1.4 Adopt definition of a "program" Academic Senate November 2010  Completed
1.5 Train Deans in the development of program level SLOs President and Deans serving on SLO Task Force November 2010 Completed
1.6 Recruit and select Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator President, EVP November 2010 Completed
1.7 Train Deans and Department Chairs in the assessment of course and program SLOs Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator; SLO Task Force; Academic Senate November 2010  Comppleted
1.8 Develop SLO training manual SLO Task Force;Academic Senate December 2010 Completed
1.9 Adopt list of college programs Academic Senate December 2010 Completed
1.10 Inventory status of program-level SLOs and revised course level SLOs Learning Resources Supervisor December 2010-PSLOMay 2011-SLOs CompleteOngoing
1.11 Establish format for database for course- and program-level SLOs Vice President and SLO Task Force December 2010 Completed
1.12 Enter course-level SLOs and existing program-level SLOs into defined databases Learning Resources Supervisor and Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator January 2011 Completed
1.13 Establish Faculty SLO Oversight Committee (with representation of Faculty, Staff and Managers) Academic Senate January 2011 Completed
1.14 Complete development of program level SLOS Department Chairs January 2011  Complete
1.15 Assist faculty in the development of assessment strategies to be implemented in Spring 2011 Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator, Department Chairs, Deans, Title V Professional Development Coordinator January - March 2011 Completed
1.16 Offer workshops in the improvement of instruction based on the assessments of SLO assessments Title V Professional Development Coordinator; Instructional Design Specialist May-December 2011 Completed 
1.17 Establish and maintain a web page to document the SLO development and assessment process Learning Resources Supervisor January 2011- Completed
1.18  Establish the list of SLO assessment documentation to be posted to the web page and review webpage progress. President, SLO Task Force Establish January 2011; Maintenance ongoing Completed
1.19 Map college SLOs and program SLOs across all programs Deans and Department Chairs, assisted by Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator April 2011 Completed
1.20 Assess SLOS at course and program levels and document assessment process and results Department Chairs February – March 2011 Completed
1.21 Map college SLOs and program SLOs across all courses in each program Department Chairs, assisted by Learning Outcomes Assessment Facilitator March 2011 Completed
1.22 File SLO assessment results with the SLO Oversight Committee Department Chairs April 2011 (1st wk) Completed
1.23 Review results of SLO assessments SLO Oversight Committee Apr 2011 (2nd wk) Completed
1.24 File Bi-Annual SLO Report SLO Oversight Committee May 2011 Completed

Supporting Evidence

  1. SLO Individual Faculty Form
  2. SLO Course Level Assessment Summary Form
  3. SLO Program Assessment Summary Form
  4. SUO Program Assessment Summary Form
  5. Program Description and Mapping Form (also contains college-level SLOs for program)
  6. SLOOG Minutes (on SLO webpage)
  7. Timeline/Calendar for Spring 2011
  8. Toolkit
  9. Program-level Instructional SLOs (on SLO  webpage)
  10. Program-level Service Units SUOs (on SLO webpage)
  11. SLO Checklist (overall college)
  12. SharePoint (document depository)
    * Course-level SLOs/SUOs
    * Program-level SLOs/SUOs
    * Program checklists
    * Fillable forms
    * Completed SLO/SUO forms
    * Course-level rubrics
  13. Training sessions
    * Emails from Scott/Ty
    Flex day programs
  14. Accreditation Status Report
  15. SLO Annual Report