Objective 3

VC Objective 3:  

VC Strategic Goal 1:  Continuously improve educational programs and services to meet student, community, and workforce development needs.

VCCCD Board Goal:  1) Provide Access and Student Success, and 2) Maintain Instructional Quality within Budgetary Limits 

#Action StepsResponsible PartyTimelineProgress
3.1Conduct a comprehensive program review for each CTE Program, including analysis of SLOs, historic data regarding the issuance of degrees and certificates, and qualitative data from Advisory CommitteesCTE Dean, Department ChairsFall 2013Done for all CTE Departments & Programs. 

Repeat in 2013-2014 AY.

3.2Explore and possibly obtain local and statewide approval for AS Transfer degree in Nursing

Nursing faculty member to attend statewide traiing meeting

CTE Dean, Department Chairs, Curriculum CommitteeOngoingRemains in progress @ state & college level.  Nursing faculty actively involved in process.
3.3Participate in CTE Outcomes Project with other colleges to collect statewide and college-specific outcome data on students who complete or leave CTE degree/certificate programs or complete >10 units in past year

Provide annual report to CPC and CTE disciplines

CTE Dean, Institutional Researcher, RP Group (funded through Perkins Grant)Nov. 2013Done.  First Final Report received Nov. 2012. 

New Outcome Project underway with Final Report due Nov. 2013

3.4Install open-entry, competency-based computerized modules in pre-employment skills training into an existing computer lab for integration into existing CTE courses. (Potential modules include: occupation-specific literacy in reading and mathematics, basic electricity theory, time management skills, etc.)VP for Business Services, CTE DeanDec. 2013Currently purchasing modules for "soft skills" from Kline Educational
3.5Enhance the use of CTE advisory committees and other community sources to better ascertain the needs of industry throughout the region.

Schedule and hold one (1) Advisory Committee meeting/discipline each semester

Post all Advisory Committee minutes on each discipline's website

CTE Dean, Department ChairsOngoing2012-2013 AY  Advisory meetings held for: Business, Nursing, Welding, Automotive, Medical Assistant, Manufacturing, Paramedic, CNA, Drafting, Child Development, & Foster/ Kinship Care.  Meeting minutes posted or in progress for online posting.
3.6Explore certificate and degree CTE programs to ascertain if changes are needed in our curriculum and programs to better prepare our students for current and future employment opportunities.

Burning Glass software is now in place to collect real-timne labor market data to better ascertain if training programs are meeting the current needs of the workforce.

Selected staff training to begin in October 2012

CTE Dean, Institutional Research, Department Chairs, Faculty2012-2013



Fall 2013

TMC degrees established for Business & Child Development. 

Consultant hired to develop and produce Labor Market reports.

3.7Explore the development of new curricula and programs assocaited with the new Applied Science Building/laboratoryCTE Dean, Department Chairs, FacultyOn HoldPending further investigation
3.8 AEnhance partmentships with feeder secondary schools to strengthen concept of career pathways for incoming freshmentCTE Dean, CTE Specialist, SB-7010/2012 - 6/2013In progress
3.8 B Develop articulation agreements with local feeder high schoolsCTE Specialist, CTE Transitions10/2012 - 6/2013Developed 2 new Auto articulations with 6 still pending
3.8 CConduct career awareness camps to middle school studentsCTE Specialist, SB-707/2012 - 6/2013Organized 3 Career Explorations Camps and a Summer Career Institute. Over 400 students enrolled
3.8 D Participate in VUSD's CTE Advisory CommitteeCTE Specialist, SB-70, CTE Transitions10/2012 - 6/2013Currently serving on Advisory Board and CTE Steering Committee
 3.8 EDevelop career pathway charts for each CTE disciplineCTE Specialist, CTE Transitions10/2012 - 7/2013Counselor will be paid hourly to develop POS and course sequences for each CTE discipline
3.8 FPromote CTE programs through marketing and outreachCTE Specialist, SB-707/2012 - 6/2013CTE Specialist will hire web designer to update careers section of the college web page; create CTE videos, brochures, and newsletters