Mission, Vision, and Core Commitments

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Core Commitments

Our Mission

At Ventura College, we transform students’ lives, develop human potential, create an informed citizenry, and serve as the educational and cultural heart of our community. Placing students at the center of the educational their learning experience, we serve a highly diverse student body by providing quality innovative instruction and student support, focusing on associate degree and certificate completion, transfer, workforce preparation, and basic skills. We are committed to the sustainable continuous improvement of our college and its services.

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Our Vision

Ventura College will be a model community college known for enhancing the lives and economic futures of its students and the community.

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Our Core Commitments

Ventura College is dedicated to following a set of enduring Core Commitments that shall guide it through changing times and give rise to its Vision, Mission and Goals.

Student Success

Centering our efforts on meeting the needs of our students and helping them to succeed.


Recognizing the personal dignity and full potential of every individual and fostering positive values in all interactions.


Maintaining an open, honest and ethical environment.


Achieving excellence in the broad range of academic programs and services provided to our students and the community.


Creating a professional and supportive environment where students, faculty and staff can achieve personal growth and fulfillment and where accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.


Providing learning opportunities for all individuals.


Embracing creative methods and approaches to assuring the best possible experience for all students and the community we serve.


Embracing and responding to our increasingly diverse student body and the global environment in which the college operates.


Enhancing the quality of life of the community and meeting its needs.


Working together as colleagues on College issues and decisions and actively seeking to form partnerships with our community and other organizations to address mutual goals.


Fostering responsibility and pride in our campus and serving as a model of environmental stewardship, being mindful of the impact we have on the environment as individuals and as a community.

Continuous Improvement

Recognizing that as an organization we are always in a state of evolution, we strive to be the best we can be through continual reflection, data-driven decision making and holding ourselves accountable for responsible use of public resources.

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