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Program Purpose:

The Agriculture Food Safety program prepares students for careers within the agriculture industry with an emphasis on food safety. Through hands-on experiential learning and curriculum designed to engage students in various aspects of agriculture production and processing, students will be prepared to enter the growing food safety sector 

Instructor teaching students about food safety in a food facility

which ensures the safe growing, harvesting, handling, transportation, and processing of food products. Students will be trained in highly sought after skills critical to the agricultural and food manufacturing industries. Professionals in this industry bring strengths from the integration of business, regulatory compliance, science, and technology. program combines core concepts of business with the additional skills and knowledge necessary to ensure state and federal food safety regulations are implemented and followed in all aspects of food production, from the field to the retailer. Risk analysis, decision-making, communication, and technology skills will allow students to be prepared for careers in food safety compliance, inspection, auditing, oversight and management of food safety programs on farms and 110 Ventura College - Announcement of Courses 2021-2022 in processing facilities. Graduates are valuable employees in the agricultural industry and career opportunities are expected to continue to experience high demand and strong growth. The program is designed to provide educational courses for students to develop a better understanding of food safety, its importance, and those who enforce it. In addition, the courses are designed to increase awareness of food safety hazards, learn how to control those hazards, create and implement preventive controls, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and understand personal hygiene, safe food handling, and the flow of food from the field to the consumer. The program aims to deliver food safety education to those within the vast local food and agriculture industry so that they may remain in compliance with federal and state food safety regulations, which protects public health.

Career Opportunities:

Careers in food safety include Quality Assurance Officers, Food safety Inspectors at a production facility, farm, or other food facilities, Food Scientists, Food Safety Specialists and more.

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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

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Advisory Meeting Minutes:

Agriculture Advisory Meeting Minutes 5-5-2021


Department Chair: Dorothy Farias