Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Pirates Cove Students will develop life/time management skills to enhance academic performance.

Successful students should:

  • Utilize the VC Pirates Cove for an average of 3 hours per week, as it provides a distraction free study hall for students.
  • Develop networking skills for support by building connections with classmates and faculty members.
  • Use a daily planner to organize their personal and school commitments.

2. Pirates Cove Students will demonstrate competence by successfully navigating the College campus.

Successful students should:

  • Develop an understanding of all the areas on campus along with offices located in each building.
  • Utilize campus resources to facilitate positive a learning experience.

3. Pirates Cove Students will demonstrate an increased attitude, motivation and enjoyment of the College experience in route to reaching their goals of degree/certificate completion, transfer and student success.

Successful students should:

  • Engage in on and off campus activities based on the connections and resources gained above.
  • Communicate with faculty members and participate in constructive activities designed to increase success.
  • Develop a support system with College: staff, faculty and community to reduce stress and enjoy the community college experience.