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The Learning Resource Center BEACH is open for Fall 2021, the college is operating under COVID Safety Protocols which can be found below. All students, staff, faulty and guest must adhere by them, face mask must be worn properly inside college buildings.

COVID Safety Protocols*:

  • SCREENING: DAILY COVID-19 screening is required* of all employees, students, and visitors.  Screening stations will be available starting in August 2021.  Please complete the screening form located on the MyVCCCD app before arrival at campus if possible.  A tablet will be available at all screening stations for those who do not have a smart phone.
    • Employees, students, and visitors will receive a wristband at the screening station each day they are on campus.  Only people with wristbands are allowed in campus buildings and to engage in campus activities.
    • Instructors are to ensure all in-person students are wearing the correct screening wristband at each class session.
  • QR CODE SCANNING: To support contact tracing, scan QR codes with a mobile device upon entering buildings.
  • MASKING: Face Coverings / Masks are CURRENTLY required indoors for all employees. * Masks are not required outdoors.  People can remove masks when alone in closed rooms or when eating.  When masks are removed while eating, 6-foot social distancing is required if eating with others.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Social distancing is recommended by Public Health indoors and outdoors when in close proximity to others. Six-foot social distancing is required indoors when a person has removed their mask to eat. *
  • Students must abide by all campus safety protocols communicated by way of email, the VC website, VC or district social media, communications with VC or district employees, and campus signage.
    • Violating campus COVID safety protocols is considered a violation of the student code of conduct and is punishable through the campus conduct process.

Classroom Management and Service Area Guidelines:

  • Students and employees must follow all COVID safety protocols while in the classroom or service areas.
  • CLASSROOM Practices to Support Possible CONTACT TRACING:
    • Students and employees must scan QR codes on building doors upon entrance and in classrooms.
    • To minimize class disruption in the event of COVID-positive cases, Faculty are urged to:
      • Socially distance students in the classroom, to the extent possible.
      • Maintain seating charts when classes meet.
      • Document with whom students work in groups, in labs, and on collaborative classroom activities.
  • CLASSROOM: If a student violates COVID safety protocols in a classroom:
    1. Instructors will remind the student to follow protocols, or they will be asked to leave class for that day. 
      • If a student refuses, the instructor should step aside with the student to explain that class will not go on unless all who are present follow protocols.
    2. If a student continues to refuse to follow the protocols as instructed, the instructor is to step aside with the student and remind them that they must leave, or the class will be cancelled for the day.
    3. If the student refuses to leave, the instructor will cancel the remainder of the class session to prevent conflict escalation.
    4. Because violating safety protocols is a violation of the student code of conduct, the instructor is to submit a BICT report immediately following the class session if any student refuses to follow protocols, even if they leave the class.  The instructor should also inform their dean about the incident and the BICT report.
    5. Campus police should ONLY be contacted IF a student appears to be a threat to themself or others.  Removal of the student from the class will be assessed by the BICT team and the Dean of Student Conduct.
  • SERVICE AREAS: If a student violates COVID safety protocols in a service area:
  1. Employees who witness non-compliant behavior are to remind the student, colleague, or visitor to follow the protocol or they will be asked to leave.
  2. If a person continues to violate the protocols and does not leave the service area, the witnessing employee is to contact Campus Police - or locate a nearby Monitor - for immediate assistance.
    • Because violating safety protocols is a violation of the student code of conduct, if the incident involves a non-compliant student, the employee will submit a BICT report immediately if the student identity is known.