COVID-19 Protocol

Dear Students, 

COVID-19 is still impacting our campus community. That’s why you are still strongly encouraged to… 

  1. Get your COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. 
  1. Download the MyVCCCD mobile app so you can report if you have symptoms or a positive COVID test. Instructions for downloading the app are provided below in the MyVCCCD App Health Screening Instructions.
  1. Wear a well-fitting mask. 
  1. Wash your hands often. 
  1. Avoid crowds. 
  1. If you have symptoms or test positive for COVID, report it on the MyVCCCD mobile app. Please do not come to campus. Today’s COVID variants are extremely transmissible, and you may infect others without knowing it. 
  1. Be respectful of others’ choices.  

FREE COVID-19 test kits. The Student Health Center has kits for you to pick up anytime. If you’re not feeling well, please send a friend or family member to pick up the test kits. 

Take a COVID test if you’ve been exposed to COVID or have symptoms. Even if the result is negative, it’s important to test again in 48 hours because it can take that long for a test to register the presence of COVID. 

Instructions for downloading the app are on the VCCCD information technology webpage or use this QR code: 

IT  mobile app QR code