Academic Counseling:
Academic Counseling is available for CalWORKs students at our office. Along with completing your CalWORKs intake process and Individual Training Plan, the CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator will assist students with developing an educational plan, provide information on degree programs, complete graduation applications, and any other related academic counseling needs.

Located in the Learning Resource Center, the Tutoring Center provides free drop-in, group and individual tutoring services to Ventura College students. Tutors are Ventura College students who have been recommended by their instructors to assist students with their classes or volunteers (many of who are retired faculty) from the community.

Please call (805) 648-8926 for more information.

Financial Aid:
The role of the Financial Aid Office is to help academically capable students toward their educational goal. The college offers a financial aid package combining grants, loans and work-study employment, to eligible students with demonstrated financial need. Financial need is determined by comparing student resources (family contribution, student assets, and student earnings) as reflected by a financial needs analysis from the Federal Student Aid Processor, with the appropriate cost of attendance budget for Ventura College.

Please call (805) 289-6369 for more information.

VC Child Care:
A Children's Center is available on the Ventura College campus to enable students who are parents of toddlers and preschool children to continue their education by providing a quality, developmentally appropriate program for their children, ages 18 months to 5 years of age.

Children thrive in safe, loving and enriching environment. We believe that children learn by being actively involved in the learning process through exploration, discovery, experimentation and creativity.

Registration for the Children's Center starts the same date as registration for college classes and takes place at The Center. First priority is given to those student-parents enrolled in the most units. Fees are charged for this service.

For more information, please call (805) 289-6030 or visit the Children's Center on the web.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS):
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services provides programs and services over, above, and in addition to the regular educational program of the college and is designed to assist educationally and economically disadvantaged students to successfully participate in their educational program at Ventura College.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services is located in the EOP Building (across from the Athletic Events Center, large gym ). The phone number is (805) 289-6302.

Educational Assistance Center (EAC):
The Educational Assistance Center (EAC) promotes the educational and vocational potential of students with disabilities by enhancing their total integration into the mainstream of college life. It is located in the Administration Building (ADM)

Students with learning, visual, hearing, speech, mobility, acquired brain injury, psychological and other health impairments are eligible to apply for the support services of instruction needed to fully participate in the educational process.

These special services include: one-stop registration assistance, assessment of learning problems, interpreters, note taking, readers, transcribers, tutors, mobility assistance, job development and placement, specialized counseling, parking, and assisted devices. Instruction is available in job seeking skills, sign language, Braille, adapted fitness, learning skills, and adapted computer technology. For assistance, call (805) 289-6300.