To Do: 

Before coming to the Ventura College CalWORKs office:

  1. Meet with your County Employment Specialist (We are a referral based program with our students being referred by the employment specialists).
  2. Have your Employment Specialist provide a referral to our office via email at Once we receive the referral we will contact you to schedule an appointment to get started. 

For more information visit our eligibility section on this website or the County of Ventura CalWORKs website.

Our process (Once we have your referral):

  1. Make an appointment to see the CalWORKs Counselor at the Ventura College CalWORKs office. We will guide you with the next steps based on where you are in the process of attending our campus. 
  2. The CalWORKs Counselor will help you develop an Individual Training Plan (ITP) and book voucher request to provide to your Employment Specialist/Worker. Each semester you will need to provide your Employment Specialist with an ITP and book voucher request form.
  3. During your first semester you will want to make an appointment with the CalWORKs Counselor to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP), which details your educational goals.
  4. It is important that you remain in regular contact and keep the Ventura College CalWORKs office updated with your WTW status/participation.

County & College CalWORKs Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.00 GPA or "C" average in all their classes and compliance with an Educational Plan every semester.
  • Meet county-assigned weekly hour requirements within county-approved activities.
  • Comply with both County and College CalWORKs guidelines.
  • Submit monthly activity attendance logs to your Employment Specialist.


Some of the more frequently asked questions may be answered in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) link on the left. For more information about CalWORKs at Ventura College, please call or email us.