To apply for CalWORKs you must visit the County of Ventura Human Services Agency website or call 1-866-904-9362.

  • Eligibility for CalWORKs is determined by the County of Ventura Human Services Agency.
  • Eligibility is not determined by the College CalWORKs office.
  • Ventura College CalWORKs does not have access to county eligibility systems. 
  • We are a referral based program with our students being referred by the employment specialists. 

Who is Eligible:

  • TANF (cashaid) recipients who are receiving cash aid and have or are developing a Welfare-to-Work (WTW) plan that refers them to the college for education and training
  • All clients require a referral from their county employment specialist for our services.

Who is Not Eligible:

  • Students who are not receiving cash aid for themselves - only their children are receiving cash aid.
  • Individuals on SSI (not receiving TANF cash aid)
  • Students who are not receiving cash aid for themselves, only receiving food stamps.
  • Former TANF recipients who have "timed-out" of the welfare system and are no longer eligible to receive cash aid.
  • Tribal TANF participants.
  • Sanctioned Students
    • Sanction Student Policy:  If a student has been sanctioned during a semester, services can be provided until the end of the semester; sanction must be cured by the end of the semester to continue for the next semester.