Pirate Treasure

A Pirate Treasure is a way to recognize colleagues and say thank you for outstanding support to our college community. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs to acknowledge your peers.

Click on a recipient below to view their treasure certificate. 

October 2022 Recipients

Alwin Sauers; Joaquin Garcia

September 2022 Recipients

Evelia Bahena; Kelley Bruns

August 2022 Recipients

Adrianna Cunningham; Brandon D'AmicoBoglarka Kiss; Catherine Faulkner; Karyl Osher; Library Classified Professionals; Maria Cristoso; Marian Carrasco-Nungaray; Maureen Jacobs; Michelle Beard; Natawni Pringle; Sandy Mason

July 2022 Recipients

Albert Dominguez; Gaby Asamsama-Acuña; Jazmine Barron; Karyl Osher; Lisa Smith; Lucy Gonzalez; Michael Haydon; Nan Duangpun; Rachel Kelly; Sandra Gustafson; Savannah McMichael

May 2022 Recipients

Janette Amador Christian; Karyl Osher; Princess Balderas

February 2022 Recipients

Jennifer Garner