Equity Dashboard

In 1992, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors adopted a student equity policy. The goal of this policy was to improve access to and completion of higher education among student groups who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. In 2014, the State of California began to provide formal funding to colleges for the specific purpose of closing gaps in access and success among underrepresented groups. This funding stipulates that each college must develop an annual student equity plan, in which the college analyzes data on five key equity metrics, identifies gaps between student groups, and then develops interventions to close those gaps. For more information about the Student Equity Plan, visit the VC Student Equity Committee website and the CA Chancellor's Office Student Equity website.

Click the dashboards below to view data on the five key equity metrics for Ventura College.

Metric 1: Access

Do our student demographics reflect those of our community?

Metric 2: Course Completion (Course Success Rate)

Do all student groups pass their courses at same rate?

Metric 3: Basic Skills Completion

How many VC students complete a college-level English or Math course after taking a basic-skills English, Math, or ESL course?

Metric 4 and 5: Degree, Certificate, Transfer Completion

How many VC students complete a degree, certificate or transfer within six years?

Note. This dashboard combines two metrics (Metric 4: Degree and Certificate completion, Metric 5: Transfer) into an overall completion measure.