Student Learning Outcomes

What are Student Learning Outcomes?

Student learning outcomes are learning goals set by the course instructor, program faculty or institution and are vital to the interactive learning process. They are the knowledge, skills, activities, and attitudes that a student has attained from his or her engagement in a particular set of collegiate experiences. (adapted from the ACCJC Standards Glossary).

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What are the Benefits of having Student Learning Outcomes?

 For Students at Ventura College:

  • They provide clear and concise statements of the expected knowledge and/or attitudes students are supposed to demonstrate from an assignment, a course, or at the end of a program.
  • They provide students with a way to articulate the knowledge and abilities that they have gained and to express what they know to others.
  • They provide clear and concise statements of an expected experience a student will receive from a service program.
  • They provide students with an awareness of the expected outcome of an assignment, program or service and the criteria upon which they will be assessed.

 For Faculty and Staff at Ventura College, outcomes will:

  • Assist departments and service programs to initiate a dialogue for improvement of their methodologies or service.
  • Ensure that appropriate assessment strategies are employed.
  • Help communicate clear learning goals to their students.
  •  Help improve teaching, learning and communication with students.