Faculty - Two Help Desks, which do you need?  

Please click on the one you need:

  • District Help Desk (for Faculty & Staff having login problems with the portal)  
    • This is the one faculty and staff need with help logging on the portal.
  • VC IT Help Desk (Faculty, Staff with Equipment Issues in the classrooms or on campus)
    • This is the one most faculty and staff need when troubleshooting problems in the classroom or in the office.

Classroom support

VC IT Help Desk  

(On campus support, classrooms, faculty and staff)

The Ventura College Help Desk is a system of technical assistance designed to cater to customer dilemmas by servicing them with a live technician on the line during hours of operation. There is also a Help Desk email address implemented to take requests as an alternative to the Help Desk line and voicemail. 

The Helpdesk functions as the primary support for issues such as: 

  • Equipment repair / replacement
  • Software installation and uninstallation
  • Telephone Caller ID / extension matters
  • Network / Connectivity
  • Email
  • Firewalls / virus protection
  • Maintenance & Operation
  • Smart classrooms
  • PDAs / Smart Phones
  • Website Management

If you need the VC IT:

To reach the Ventura College IT Help Desk (for items listed above) there are 2 ways to reach us:

By Phone: (805) 289-6285 

Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

By Email: (non-critical)

For Webpage Work Orders:

If you need the VCCCD Portal Help Desk:

(Online support, faculty, and staff)

If you are a faculty or staff member who is having difficulty logging on to the Portal, then this is the Help Desk you need.

If you are a faculty member having problems with D2L or Canvas, Please contact your instructional technologists in Distance Education.

To reach the VCCCD Portal Help Desk

If you are faculty or staff and trying to reach the Help Desk for the VCCCD Portal because you can't log on to the portal, or are having other problems related to the Portal, that number is:  (805) 652-7777. 


Students having problems with D2L or Canvas, Please contact the faculty member for the class.

If you are a student having login problems with the portal, please contact the campus Admissions Office at (805) 289-6457.

Ventura College also has a Help Desk set up for Students who have trouble logging on to the VCCCD Portal and that number is: (805) 289-6420.