The Ventura College Visual Arts Department offers beginning and intermediate courses that provide students with the knowledge and experience for understanding the visual arts. The beginning courses are designed to build a strong foundation to ensure student success in each of the art discipline areas. Foundation courses include; Art History, Color and Design, Color Theory, Drawing, Life Drawing, and Three-Dimensional Design. Upon completion of foundation courses, students are encouraged to focus on one or more areas of concentration; Art History, Ceramics, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. The combination of foundation courses in the visual arts and focused arts curriculum prepares students to transfer to universities or art schools and to enter the arts workforce.  Career opportunities for arts majors include art historian, arts organization employment, art teacher, art technician, commercial artist, exhibiting artist, gallery and museum exhibitions assistance and management, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and other professions in creative endeavor areas.

A person crafting a vase out of ceramics.
Studio Art
Includes Ceramics and Sculpture, Drawing and Painting, Design and Digital Media, and Portfolio Development
professional film recording equipment on a scene.
Film Studies
Includes Media Aesthetics, Film Making and Motion Graphics, Shooting and Editing, and Writing.
A digital camera sitting on top of a laptop.
Includes Beginning Traditional and Digital, Intermediate, Color, Portrait, History, and Applied/Portfolio
Yellow Flower
Art History
A student of Art History gains a greater understanding of world history and critical thinking.