Department Policies

Theater Policy

  1. No bare feet on the wood stages.
  2. No food in the theaters.
  3. Drink is allowed on the stages, but only water in an approved, sealable, "sipper-type" bottle. NO fast food cups. WATER ONLY! All other drinks or food must remain in the Greenroom.
  4. Return all rehearsal furniture immediately after you are finished rehearsing.
  5. Observe all cautions, warning signs, and barriers on the stage.
  6. Stay clear of all scenery and lighting equipment.
  7. Do not block exits or fire safety equipment with any obstacles.
  8. Report any injuries to the supervising faculty or staff immediately after they occur.
  9. Do not bring children or animals into the theater facility.
  10. At no time should any student or staff be in possession of, or under the influence of, any alcohol or illegal narcotics at Ventura College.
  11. No smoking in the building.
  12. Create a professional environment, respect others work time and space.
  13. Recording of any performance or rehearsal, by any means, is strictly prohibited.

Backstage Policy

  1. Do not smoke backstage at any time.
  2. Do not tamper with safety equipment.
  3. Know how to operate:
    1. Fire extinguishers.
    2. Fire curtain apparatus.
    3. Emergency lighting.
    4. Panic exit doors and fire doors.
  4. Know where emergency exits are. Plan what to do in an actual emergency.
  5. Know location of first aid kits and emergency phones.
  6. No visitors backstage. Cast and crew only!
  7. At the cry of "heads," take shelter from falling objects.
  8. Stay clear of any stage machinery, ropes, or electrical equipment that is not your production responsibility. Immediately report any equipment problems to the stage manager or technical director.
  9. Try not to touch any of the stage drapes.
  10. Do not disturb other actors or crew during the performance of their production duties
  11. No running backstage.
  12. Only the director and design staff may pass from the stage to the house area via the on stage stairways. All others should go around the building and enter or exit through the front of house.
  13. There should be no loud talking backstage. Limit your talking to a whisper and try to limit your conversations to production needs. No casual chitchat.

Crew Policy

  1. Only booth personnel, the director, and the design staff are allowed in the booth.
  2. Keep talking down to a minimum. The booth is not sound proof. The audience can hear any loud talking or laughter.
  3. There is no food or drink allowed on the carpeted area of the booth.
  4. There is no talking after a warning unless it is an emergency.
  5. The lights in the hallway outside the booth should be turned off.
  6. Please keep your feet off the mixer and control board areas.
  7. Be careful not to hit or bump your headset when removing or placing it on your head. If it is possible, turn off your microphone switch to avoid damaging the ears of your co-workers.
  8. All on-stage personnel must talk at a whisper.
  9. There must be at least one person on headset in the booth and one person on headset on the stage at all times during technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances.
  10. Crew members are not to be in the house area from 30-minute call to the end of the performance. Meet your friends and relatives in the Greenroom after you have completed your post-production responsibilities.
  11. All crew members are to wear black clothing for all dress rehearsals and performances.
  12. Be sure that all control booth lighting is not causing a distraction to audience. All fluorescent lights should be turned off.

Company Policy

  1. No parking in front of or back of the theater.
  2. Actors and crew only may enter the theater through the door at the bottom of the ramp adjacent to the student parking lot. No visitors!
  3. Sign in, on time, at the board by the dressing rooms. All eating, schmoozing, kibbitzing, or the like should be completed before your call.
  4. Do not sign in for anyone else. Once you have signed in, do not leave the theater facility without permission from the stage manager.
  5. Immediately report to your production assignment (i.e., costume/makeup, technical crew, etc.).
  6. No music in the dressing rooms, except that music that is designated by the director or technical director for warm-up or sound check.
  7. When in costume, there will be no smoking, food, or drink. Water is allowed if it is in an approved container.
  8. When in costume, do not interact with audience members.
  9. Immediately report to your stage manager or assistant stage manager when you have completed your pre-production duties and await further instructions as to actor calls, property checks, and further crew duties.
  10. Please follow the instructions of your stage manager and his/her assistants immediately upon request.
  11. At 45-minute call, do all prop checks immediately.
  12. At 30-minute call, all pre-production must be complete. When the House is open, there should be no other activity on stage, except what is indicated by the director or technical director.
  13. During the show, the stage manager is the ultimate authority. Immediately obey all instructions given by the stage manager or his/her appointees.
  14. Upon the completion of the show, immediately attend to your post-production duties. You may meet your friends and relatives in the Greenroom after you have removed your costume and make-up and/or completed your post-production duties. Do not bring friends, relatives, or any non-production people on to the stage at any time.
  15. Make sure your make-up station is clean, costumes are properly checked in, and all your responsibilities are complete before you leave.
  16. All must attend any additional calls (i.e., photo call, strike, etc.).
  17. During night time hours, do not leave the building unescorted.