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VC Theatre Ghetto

Ventura College Theatre Arts is about getting involved!  Our mission is to provide hands-on, high-quality education with diverse production experiences to prepare students for transfer to four-year universities, enter professional training programs, or begin work in the industry. Because theatre provides significant enrichment for both its participants and its audience, we value it as collaborative art form where all participants contribute equally and share mutually responsibility.

The program offers an AA-Transfer in Theatre and is currently developing numerous certificates in various areas of production.  We possess an active production schedule for students both on and offstage that varies in content and style from year to year.  Our faculty and professional staff take pride in the our Student Directed Scenes and the Student One-Act Play Festivals, both designed and directed completely by students, and we make it a priority to cast and assign crew from our current student body.

Faculty and Staff

The list below is auto-generated; for up-to-date listing and bio information of current theater faculty, please use the "Meet our Faculty" link in the sidebar.