Theatre Arts

Ventura College Theatre Arts Department is about getting involved. We offer an AA-Transfer in Theatre and have an active production program both onstage and backstage. Our faculty directed productions, which vary in content and style from year to year, are cast completely from our own students. We also take pride in our Festival of One-Act Plays, directed and designed by students.

Nathan Cole and Jay Varela head the Acting and Directing Program; Willy Eck serves as Stage Designer and Technical Director; and Coleen Scott is the Costume Designer and Technician. Abra Flores is the Costume and Makeup Instructor.

Our course offerings include: Theatre Appreciation, Fundamentals of Acting, Advanced Acting, Acting for Film and Television, Stagecraft, Make-up, Costume Design, Costume Crafts, History of Motion Pictures, and Production and Performance.

Our mission is to provide hands-on, high-quality academic theatre education and stage production experience preparing students to go on to four-year universities, professional training programs, or to work in the theatre. We believe theatre provides a significant enrichment for both its participants and its audience, and we value it as collaborative art in which all participants contribute equally and mutually share responsibility.

Department Chair: Robert Lawson
Phone: 805-289-6020
Office: PAC-145

Area Dean: Dr. Tim Harrison
Phone: (805) 289-6388
Office: AEC-212

​Administrative Assistant: Natawni Pringle
Phone: (805) 289-6020
Office: PAC-143


Full-Time Faculty

Name Phone Office
Nathan Cole 805-289-6512 PAC 125
Jay Varela 805-289-6261 PAC-126

Part-Time Faculty

Name Phone Office
William Eck 805-289-6282 PAC
Abra Flores 805-289-6278 PAC 224


Name Phone Office
Coleen Scott Trivett 805-289-6252 PAC 224