Global and International Studies
Program Purpose: The Global and International Studies Program at Ventura College provides students with the foundation and intermediate education needed to introduce them to the historical background, present day developments, and theoretical skills, necessary for analyzing and understanding events taking place in our world and appraising the potential future consequences of our current global actions.


Program Description: Problems dealing with security, development, ethnic conflict, human rights, health, population growth, and the environment are increasingly confronted at a global rather than a national level. Political, economic, environmental, and military events, as well as communicable diseases, anywhere in the world impact our lives with the rapidness of our high speed modern communication. As the global exchange of awareness increases, there is an equally increasing demand for Global and International Studies graduates. This program offers a diverse and interdisciplinary curriculum allowing students to choose one of the following areas of emphasis: African Studies, Asian Studies, Business and Economics, Communication/Literature/Arts, European/Western World, International Politics and Diplomacy, and Latin American/American Studies. Students graduating with a Global and International Studies Associate in Arts degree are seeing an increasing demand. Universities have been increasing their offerings of Global and International Studies majors to meet the growing demand for college graduates with a global perspective. This major prepares students for transferring to Global and International Studies programs at four-year colleges and universities. For those students not choosing to major in Global and International Studies, nor use it as a component of a double major, this program offers a strong foundation in basic global and international knowledge which today is a prerequisite for conducting business in most successful enterprises. Such background, therefore, helps those students prepare for related occupational and vocational opportunities which are rapidly growing in this area.