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Political Science

Program Purpose: The Political Science program is designed to assure students can demonstrate an understanding of the role of governmental institutions, analyze key political concepts and ideas and evaluate key political issues.

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Program Description: Political Science is the systematic study of politics, political institutions and governmental processes by the application of scientific methods of analysis and critical examination. This discipline analyzes key political ideas, institutions, and issues both domestically and globally. Graduates of this subject area are exposed to understanding how political and governmental institutions make and implement decisions and the effects those decisions have on individual, group, and societal behavior. The analytical tools learned in these major increases critical thinking and citizenship skills. The political science program at Ventura College has a special emphasis on globalization, service learning, and environmental issues. The discipline also incorporates the International Studies major. Students graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in Political Science may transfer to four-year universities. Graduates are qualified for a variety of positions in government and non-governmental institutions; graduates are prepared to enter further studies in various disciplines, including political science, law, journalism and business.

Courses in the Political Science program provide students with the necessary tools to understand the political world around them and to become active citizens in their communities. Courses emphasize service learning and civic engagement.


Department Chair: Michael Ward