John Hammer MHS Academy Grant

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The John Hammer MHS Academy Grant provides funds to pay for a student’s registration fees who enroll in either (Chamber Music or Orchestra), or both courses offered for the 2020 Schwab Academy of Music (SAM) Students need to:

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Request and Complete the audition process
  3. Complete registration for the classes

After confirmed registration into (SAM), the Ventura College Foundation will send checks to the students to reimburse their full tuition fees.

  • Fees to register in one course will be $71.00
  • Fees to register in two courses will be $142.00

Grants are awarded for each individual on a first come first served basis. All students that have previously applied and are receiving financial aid are required to report all benefits and resources (e.g. scholarships, tuition assistance, etc.) to the Ventura College Financial Aid Office. Eligibility will be based on the student’s financial need. Students requesting will need to submit the following application form:

* Required

(Your 900#)

Authorization to Release Student Information to the Ventura College Foundation


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, also known as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment, the confidentiality and privacy of the academic records of our students must be maintained. Student record information cannot be released to anyone without the student’s written consent. The federal law applies to all students attending any college within the Ventura County Community College District, regardless of their age.


By signing & submitting this form, you are authorizing the one-time release of your Ventura College academic information including your full name, mailing information, mobile and home phone numbers, Ventura College Portal Email Address, student ID number, contents of permanent record, academic standing, cumulative GPA, previous semester GPA, California Promise Grant (formerly known as the Board of Governor's Waiver) eligibility, ethnicity, and your answers to questions in the John Hammer MHS Academy Grant Application to be shared with the Ventura College Foundation for the purposes of tracking your progress towards your degree and maintaining contact when you become an alumnus. A new form must be filled out to release information not listed above.

Note: This form does not give permission to release any information with regard to health, counseling, disability, or public safety records. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and Ventura College protect the privacy of student educational records and generally limit access to the information contained in those records by third parties.