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Health Education

Program Purpose: The objective of the Health Education Program is to enrich the student's education, career, and life by learning integrated wellness strategies. This helps promote a healthy lifestyle as well as to prepare students for higher education and professional careers in the health industry. With a foundation based in Liberal Arts and the natural and behavioral sciences, the curriculum is directed to prepare students for the multitude of activities in the health profession. Transfer students interested in specializing in Health Education who wish to qualify for an Associate Degree could explore Nursing Science or Holistic Health Studies as a possible major. 

Program Description: The objective of the Health Education is the development and education of students in preparation for professional careers in a variety of health fields. The curricula, based upon a foundation in the liberal arts and the natural and behavioral sciences, are directed to special preparation for the various activities in the specific health fields. Transfer students interested in specializing in Health Education who wish to qualify for an Associate in Science Degree could explore Health Information Technology or Nursing Science as a possible major.

Ventura College offers eight different Health Education courses on a regular basis. All except one of the offerings (HED V71) meet the Health Education requirement for an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree. Students learn the concepts of disease prevention, stress reduction and personal everyday decisions that can lead to optimal health. 


Holistic Studies

The Holistic Studies program assists students in developing a knowledge base of holistic principles through an interdisciplinary examination of the ways in which humanity reflects upon the essential nature of the human spirit. Students may explore the principles and beliefs of major religious and spiritual traditions that assist in the comprehension of foundational human experiences. Death, dying and grieving, ethical and moral dilemmas, finding happiness and meaning in life, and other such root experiences may be explored from varying cultural and historical perspectives. Students may also examine the effects of the healing arts, lifestyle choices, stress reduction, and alternative and integrative medicines on graceful aging, disease prevention as well as on the creation and maintenance of optimum health and wellness. 

Visit the VC college catalog for information for the AA degree in Holistic Studies.


There is a Proficiency award in Holistic Studies that is awarded by the department.  Visit the college catalog for more details.

We also offer an Associate Degree in General Studies with a Holistic Studies Emphasis. 

For more information on the division please visit the Health, Kinesiology and Athletics Division website.

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Department Chair: Raeann Koerner