English for Multilingual Students (EngM)

2018 Spring Semester

Ventura College Main Campus
English Learning Center (ELC)
Located in the North Lot off Loma Vista Road
4667 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003

Full-Semester and Short 9-Week Sessions!

Credit Classes

Course ID CRN # Course Name Units Days Times Dates
EngM V21
Intermediate Oral Communication 4 T/TR 11:30am-1:40pm 1/22/18 - 5/11/18
EngM V31A
EngM V31B
Intermediate Read/Write/Vocab I
Intermediate Read/Write/Vocab II
1/8/18 - 3/9/18
3/12/18 - 5/11/18
EngM V42A
EngM V42B 
Hi-Intermediate Read/Write/Vocab I
Hi-Intermediate Read/Write/Vocab II
1/8/18 - 3/2/18
3/5/18 - 5/11/18
EngM V52A
EngM V52B
Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking I
Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking II
1/8/18 - 3/9/18
3/12/18 - 5/11/18

How to apply for EngM courses:

Step 1. Apply for Admission

Step 2. Complete the Placement Assessment

Placement Assessment
EngM placement assessments are given in the Assessment Office in the student services building. This is different from the English placement exam. Please specifically ask for the EngM placement exam. Call for an appointment: (805) 289-6402 
EngM placement assessments are also given in ELC-3. Call, stop by, or e-mail for an appointment at 805-289-6484 or vcesl@vcccd.edu.

Test results and assessment information about classes see Karen Harrison


Step 3.  Complete the enrollment process. Follow the guidelines on this page:  Application for Admission


EngM will give you ways to:
  • Write Logical Sentences
  • Identify and Correct Grammar
  • Increase Vocabulary
  • Understand Reading 
  • Organize Ideas
  • Gain Oral Competence

About the English for Multilingual Students (EngM) Program:

The English for Multilingual Students (EngM) program at Ventura College offers credit reading and writing classes to prepare students for vocational or transferable college coursework.  EngM helps students to understand textbooks, improve their writing, and learn academic and workplace readiness skills. The EngM courses focus on developing academic grammar for writing, reading comprehension, and oral communication skills. Students who take EngM courses find that it is possible to score higher on the English placement test that is required for freshman English.

Who should take EngM courses?

EngM is designed for students who speak more than one language, but all students are welcome.
Many English learners have been in the U.S. under 7 years and are trying to acquire academic English so they can get an education here; they are also known as ESL students. EngM courses focus on language acquisition and will assist these students with their language development.
Many other bilingual students have been in the U.S. education system for more than 8 years, but they continue to be challenged by academic writing and reading. These courses will help get students more prepared for the writing they will do in transfer classes such as history, sociology, psychology, etc.
Native English speakers who are challenged by grammar when they write have also found that EngM courses help them improve their writing skills. In all cases EngM courses build students' confidence and help students realize that their education goals can be realized.
Students who are interested in non-credit courses, can enroll in Non-Credit ESL classes at the Ventura College Santa Paula Campus.

Student Testimonials:

"I wish I would have taken this class when I first started college because it would have helped me tremendously in my other classes" -Sandra Weitzel

"This class has been really helpful for me because it taught us how to write and how to handle our future classes and our future job." - David Wang

"My best friend, who is a native speaker, told me that she sees a change in my text messages. She does not have to read them 3-5 times to understand me - like before." - Jessica Rios

"I wish I had taken EngM 50 before all my other classes. I would have been more prepared." - Michelle Orozco

"My class taught me more than I ever thought it would. EngM is an awesome class for anyone returning to school." - April Pool




 For more information call (805) 289-6484 or e-mail kharrison@vcccd.edu.