CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS (CNA’S) are men and women prepared to provide basic nursing care in a skilled nursing facility under the direction of a licensed nurse. They also provide important social and emotional support. The program offered at Ventura College meets the California Department of Public Health requirements and prepares the student to take the California State certification examination. Nurse Aide certification is a prerequisite for entering the Ventura College Nursing program.

Estimated Costs for California Residents

Item Cost
CNA Course, 6 units X $46/unit $276.00*
Student Health fee $26.00
Student Center Fee, $1/unit $6.00
Student Representation Fee (optional) $2.00
Student Activities Fee (optional) $7.00
Parking Permit (optional) $64.00
Textbooks (loaner copies are available) $116.00
Uniform and shoes $50.00
Gait Belt $15.00
Watch with a second hand (not digital) $15.00
Immunization Tracker $32.00
Criminal Background Check $75.00
Drug and alcohol clearance $50.00
State Certification Exam $120.00
Approximate Total $854.00

*Tuition costs are subject to change. Financial Aid is available to qualifying students. 

From time to time certain expenses, such as the Drug and Alcohol Screening and Gait Belt will be paid for by the program.  We have textbooks available to loan each semester.

Physical examination, lab tests, CPR certification, immunizations, and immunization tracking are additional costs that must be borne by the student. The Ventura College Student Health Center may be able to offer services at a reduced cost.