CNA Theory

CNA Theory (lecture) is planned to be offered in-person and on campus, however, homework assignments and quizzes will be completed online through Canvas. The computer requirements you must have to enroll in the course are the following: 

  • Desktop or laptop computer (iPads, tablets, or phones are not recommended)
  • Microphone: any microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam: 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external
  • High-speed internet

For Canvas guides and tutorials, general information about online learning, and how to obtain a loaner Google Chromebook, webcam, and mobile hotspot, visit the Distance Education Resource Page.  

Depending on the fluctuating and unpredictable state of Covid, Theory may be moved to an online platform and students must be able to quickly transition between in-person and online. Please ensure that your computer meets these requirements or you will be unable to continue in the course.

CNA Clinical

CNA Clinical is planned to be offered in person, both on campus and at the skilled nursing facilities. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requires 100 hours of clinical training in direct patient care. If the Skilled Nursing Facilities close to the public, we will be unable to offer the program during the semester.

To access the campus and clinical facilities, students are required to follow whatever safety precautions are in place at the time, which may include, but is not limited to wearing masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment (PPE); social distancing; frequent hand washing and sanitizing; regular COVID testing; proof of the updated Covid vaccination (Covid vaccine exemptions are not permitted); flu vaccination, and any required procedure outlined by the CDPH, Ventura County Public Health Department, Ventura College, and the Skilled Nursing Facilities. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason obtaining the yearly Covid vaccination, or entering the Skilled Nursing Facilities and taking care of patients, please do not apply for the upcoming semester.

How to Apply for the CNA Program

If you are not a current student, complete the Ventura College admissions application at Apply and Enroll at Ventura College.

Step 1: Submit the CNA Program Application

The CNA Program Application is filled out and submitted through an online web link. The link will be available during the application dates listed below. Applications must be submitted online. This initial application will request your student contact information and acknowledgment of the policies, procedures, and expectations for the CNA course. (You do not need to include any health forms with this initial application.) After submitting the online CNA Application, please allow up to three (3) business days (Monday to Friday) for our office to process your application and email you with the applicant instructions and health screening forms to complete Steps 2 through 5.

CNA Application Dates

2024 Summer Session:

For admission into the 2024 Summer Session, applications will be accepted from April 1st through 21st, 2024. The application link will be posted on this webpage beginning April 1st at 8:00 a.m. and close on April 21st at 5:00 p.m.

Apply to the 2024 Summer Session CNA Training Program*


4/15/2024: At this time, applicants for the summer session will be placed on a waiting list. We encourage you to apply for the fall semester. 

4/4/3/2024: A high volume of applications for the summer session have already been received and we encourage you to apply for the fall semester. 

2024 Fall Semester: 

For admission into the 2024 Fall Semester, applications will be accepted from April 1st through April 21st, 2024. The application link will be posted on this webpage beginning April 1st at 8:00 a.m. and close on April 21st at 5:00 p.m.

Apply to the 2024 Fall Semester CNA Training Program

2025 Spring Semester:

For admission into the 2025 Spring Semester, applications will be accepted from October 1st through October 21st, 2024. The application link will be posted on this webpage beginning October 1st at 8:00 a.m. and close on October 21st at 5:00 p.m.

Step 2:  Open a Castlebranch Account

Castlebranch is our online documentation tracking system.  Visit, and order package code: VE08. The cost is $32.  

Step 3:  Identification Verification

Upload to Castlebranch a copy of your Driver's License or government-issued photo ID.

Step 4:  Complete Health Appraisal

It is a requirement by the State CDPH and the clinical facilities that students be documented to be in good health, free from infectious diseases, and without any health conditions that would create a hazard to themselves, fellow employees, or patients. Students must receive a physical examination, obtain TB clearance, and meet immunization requirements. Mandatory immunizations are MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Varicella, Tdap, Hepatitis B, and Covid vaccinations; Covid vaccination is required of all CNA students entering the clinical facilities. No religious or medical exemptions are permitted. If you do not wish to obtain a Covid vaccination or provide care to potential Covid-positive patients, please do not apply for the upcoming semester. The current influenza vaccine is required during the flu season.  

The health appraisals may be completed with your preferred healthcare provider or the Ventura College Student Health Center. To schedule an appointment at the Ventura College Student Health Center, first, complete the Student Consent Forms through the Health Center Portal. Once the online Consent Forms are completed, call the Student Health Center at (805) 289-6346 to schedule an appointment. 

Step 5:  Complete CPR Certification

Obtain CPR Certification from the American Heart Association (BLS Provider) or the American Red Cross (Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers). No other forms of CPR certification are permitted. No online classes are accepted. CPR certification is valid for two years, and it cannot expire during the semester of enrollment. A courtesy list of local CPR instructors in Ventura County is provided to all applicants. 

Admittance and Authorization to Enroll

Admission into the CNA Program is on a first-come basis until all available seats have been filled upon completion and approval of Steps 2 through 5 listed above. Authorization to enroll in the CNA Program will not be granted until all required documentation is uploaded and approved by Castlebranch.

Background Checks and Drug/Alcohol Screening

We are mandated by the State CDPH and the clinical facilities to have a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and drug and alcohol screening for each student. Instructions to complete these requirements will be provided to students who are admitted into the program. Background checks must demonstrate no convictions (misdemeanor or felony) within the past seven (7) years. Applicants must pass the drug and alcohol screening. No exceptions. 

Other Details

  • Attendance in the first three (3) weeks of class is mandatory. Students who miss any class time during the first three (3) weeks will be dropped from the program. Punctuality and attendance are carefully monitored to ensure all students complete the state-mandated hourly requirements in theory and clinical. 
  • You must have an original Social Security (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN) Card, and a Government-issued photo ID available to sit for the State Certification Examination upon completion of the CNA training. 
  • The CNA program is one semester in length, 6 units.
  • The weekly schedule for the CNA program is 3.5 hours of theory and 7.5 hours of clinical per week. Due to the holidays, some clinical groups will be 8 hours of clinical per week.
  • Transportation to the clinical location is the responsibility of the student.