The Art Program includes Art, Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Digital Media, and Painting courses.

For Film Studies see Film Studies | For Photography see Photography

Program Purpose: The Art Program courses are designed to employ critical thinking skills for student’s development of their own work and the work of others. This is achieved through basic drawing skills, color manipulation and design principles in areas of emphasis. For those pursuing three-dimensional arts the program develops the creation of objects in specialized areas of emphasis. For those pursuing photography we provide students with basic techniques of analog and digital photography, along with the opportunity to pursue individualized work in areas of emphasis. For students pursuing digital media and graphic communication, we provide design and production techniques as well as promoting individual style. In all arts areas the arts program provides students with the opportunity and skills to analyze works of art in terms of their historical contexts and social and cultural values.

Program Description: The Ventura College Art program offers beginning and intermediate courses that provide students with the knowledge and experience for understanding the visual arts. The beginning courses are designed to build a strong foundation to ensure student success in each of the art discipline areas. Foundation courses include; Art History, Color and Design, Color Theory, Drawing, Life Drawing, and Three-Dimensional Design. Upon completion of foundation courses, students are encouraged to focus on one or more areas of concentration; Art History, Ceramics, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. The combination of foundation courses in the visual arts and focused arts curriculum prepares students to transfer to universities or art schools and to enter the arts workforce.  Career opportunities for arts majors include art historian, arts organization employment, art teacher, art technician, commercial artist, exhibiting artist, gallery and museum exhibitions assistance and management, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and other professions in creative endeavor areas.

The Ventura College Art program is proud of its reputation as one of the top art programs in southern California and has a long tradition of producing many of the region’s most important artists.  The Ventura College Art faculty are scholars in art history, practicing and exhibiting fine artists and working professionals in graphics and digital media. The art history faculty are scholars in specific areas or periods, while having the breadth of knowledge of the entire history of art.  The department maintains two professional art galleries and displays works by a variety of nationally established artists. The galleries provide the college and the Ventura community the opportunity to view art of national stature, students with the opportunity to develop gallery management skills, and the opportunity for non-traditional students and lifetime learners to explore their interest in art.


Collage of Art Images


Department Chair: Bob Moskowitz
Visual Arts
Phone: 805-289-6273
Office: MCW-324

Full-Time Instructors:

Ann Bittl
Professor of Art History, & Co-Galleries Director
Phone: 805-289-6264
Office: MCW-302

Sharla Fell
Professor of Art & Digital Media (Lead Faculty),
& Co-Galleries Director

Phone: 805-289-6265
Office: MCW-301

Bob Moskowitz
Professor of Art, & Department Chair of Visual Arts
Phone: 805-289-6273
Office: MCW-324

Dr. Maline Werness-Rude
Associate Professor of Art History
Phone: 805-289-6403
Office: MCW-301

Jenchi Wu
Professor of Ceramics & Sculpture (Lead Faculty)
Phone: 805-289-6266
Office: MCW-304

David Young
Professor of Art
Phone: 805-289-6275
Office: MCW-303

Part-Time Instructors*:

Marla Burg (Art History) |

Sharon Coughran (Art & Art History)) |

Julie Dahl-Nicolle (Art) |

Catherine Day (Art)|

Zara Feeney (Art & Sculpture) |

Bruce Freeman (Art) |

Rosario Gilson (Digital Media) |

Laura Hagel (Art History)

Alina Hayes (Ceramics) |

Karen Jossel (Digital Media) |

Meg Phelps (Art History)

Deanna Pini (Ceramics) |