Classified Senate Code of  Ethics Preface:  The purpose of this Code is to establish ethical standards of conduct by setting forth those acts or actions that should be promoted in the best interests of the Ventura College Classified Senate. As a Senate member I have a duty to perform a vital service on behalf of all classified personnel. I have an obligation to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability, to become a capable and successful Senate member, willing to devote my time and energy to attend Senate meetings, and to study issues and problems as a participant in the shared governance of Ventura College. To This End, I Pledge My Best Efforts.

Position Name Phone               Job Title


April Montes (805)289-6538 Program Coordinator I, MESA


Olivia Long (805)289-6037

Academic Data Specialist, Institutional Effectiveness

Secretary Tatiana Lawler (805)289-6587 Student Services Specialist, The Compass Welcome Center


Placement Project Specialist, Career Center
Director of Committee Memberships Gabriel Aragon (805)289-6163
Assistant, Performing Arts Center
Immediate Past President Jordana Ybarra-Telias    

Senate Member Commitments:

  • To accept and uphold the decisions of the Ventura College Classified Senate, its Constitution, By-laws and policy objectives as determined by majority vote of its members.
  • To accept the legal and ethical commitments and responsibilities of the Ventura College Classified Senate to the college staff and the students we serve.
  • To maintain productive associations that enable the Classified Senate to pursue its objectives by means consistent with the interest of the students, classified staff, faculty and administrators.
  • To dedicate myself to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal conduct; to maintain integrity, to disclose conflicts of interest, personal relationships or other affiliations that may influence my Senate decisions, and if necessary, to abstain from the discussion and vote of the Senate.
  • To base decisions upon all available facts in each situation; vote my honest conviction in every case, and uphold the majority decision of the Senate.
  • To welcome collaboration and to encourage participation of all members from the campus community.
  • To propose change through constructive channels with due consideration for the opinions of others and their right to dissent.
  • To demonstrate respect for the diverse cultures comprising the Ventura College community.

This Code of Ethics for members of the Ventura College Classified Senate has been adopted to promote the highest standards of personal conduct and professional standards among its members. By joining this Senate, a member espouses this code thereby assuring public confidence in the integrity and service of the Classified Senate.