Classified Senate
2015 - 2016 Accomplishments
1 Local Professional Development Committee now has a tri-chair structure, which includes classified.
2 Local “Making Recommendations Document” detailing the college governance structure has been updated to include the role of classified via a 9+1.
3 The first ever new Classified Employee Orientation in 90 years.
4 VCCS in conjunction with Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD), including our sister colleges Oxnard and Moorpark, are hosting the first quarter 4CS board meeting March 2016.
5 VCCS is in the final planning stages for our annual spring classified retreat.
6 Assisting President Gillespie plan an appreciation lunch for classified June 2016.
7 Classified are once again encouraged to participate in graduation. The President has closed the college so all employees can attend and participate in graduation. Some will be greeters for participants and their families, some will march in cap and gown, some are part of the ceremony, and at the end of graduation all classified will form a victory tunnel for the graduates.
8 Per the 9+1 noted above, classified have been included in the accreditation process.
9 VCCS had four representatives attend the Classified Leadership Institute held in June 2015.
10 VCCS representatives were presenters at the Classified Leadership Institute held in June 2015.
11 VCCS hosted our annual classified holiday potluck lunch.
12 VCCS participates in our VCCCD Classified Professional Development Committee.  
13 Participated in the 2016 4CS South Retreat
14 Classified staff will present a professional development workshop at 4CSD and the Annual AHSIE.
15 The Classified Staff 2015-2016 Handbook was updated.
16 The Ventura College Classified Senate webpage was awarded 3rd place last year at CLI.
17 A classified staff member is tri-chair of the Diversity in Culture Committee.
18 Classified sponsor a yearly Earth Day Campus Clean Up Day.
19 Classified sponsor the Annual Cookie Exchange
20 Each year Classified Senate Awards are given to 4 employees.
21 A classified senate logo was created last year.
22 Awarded $2,000 in student scholarships.

Classified Senate
2013 - 2014 Accomplishments
1 We gave a one-thousand-dollar scholarship to a student related to a classified employee.
2 Classified Employee All Day Retreat. Embroidered sweat shirts were given to all classified staff members who attended. We had four sessions at the retreat:
  • College update by our new president, executive vice president, and vice president.
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation on evaluations from our new Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
  • Getting ready for Retirement, by VCCCD Retirees Association.
3 Safety – The College has addressed classified employees' concerns for potential on-campus disturbances by offering training on how to handle a hostile situation.
4 Graduation Participation – The Classified staff went to meet and greet our graduates and guide their families to their proper places during graduation. At the end of graduation, all the classified staff formed a congratulatory human tunnel for all the graduates. After assisting with graduation activities, one custodian offered a thoughtful reflection, “It gave me a new perspective on what I do for a living. I now can say I help produce college graduates when people ask.”
5 Campus Clean-Up Day – For the eighth year in a row, the Classified Senate applied for and received a Foundation grant for Campus Clean-Up Day. Thanks to the grant, we were able to supply breakfast and lunch to everyone who participated in sprucing up our campus by picking up trash, planting trees and flowers, and pulling weeds.
6 Classified Leadership Institute participation – We were able to secure the funding to send three classified staff members to this year’s Classified Leadership Institute convention in Ventura. The three senate members that participated in CLI were: Peder Nielsen, President; Linda Resendiz, Treasurer; and Eileen Crump, Secretary.
7 Classified Appreciation Lunch – Lunch was completely paid for and served by management. During the luncheon Classified Senate awards were presented to Peder Nielsen for Service to Classified, Grant Jones for Service to College, and Rick Trevinofor Service to Students.
8 We altered the by-laws governing elections so that all three colleges in our district can hold elections around the same time.
9 Peder Nielsen will serve as the California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) Area Representative for the southwest region position. The Area Representative serves to share information between their college, classified staff, and other statewide organizations.
10 New 2014-2015 Classified Senate Board members Rick Trevino, Vice President, and Rachel Marchioni, Treasurer, help develop “The Ventura College Freshman Experience, a week-long, comprehensive orientation at Ventura College for incoming first-time freshman students. The Freshman Experience ran from Monday, August 4th, 2014 through Thursday, August 7th, 2014, starting at 8:00 a.m. And ending at 3:00 p.m each day. Breakfast and lunch were served daily. Students had the opportunity to interact with their peers, get acquainted with the campus and campus life, learn about the many services and resources available to students, and gain insight from educational professionals and peers on the ins-and-outs of being successful in college and transitioning to college life. Freshman Experience students and students in the Peer Mentoring program merged to allow students to receive follow-up serves. An incoming freshman that either attended the Freshman Experience or is receiving the VC Promise will be paired with an experienced student for the year. This Peer Leader is hired under the supervision of the Coordinator(s) (Rick Trevino, Rachel Marchioni, and Bill Hart) and the Peer Leader will create a comfortable and safe environment for program participants that will help them ease into student life at Ventura College. They will host events throughout the school year for these students to attend and interact on the campus, and the Leaders will help freshman become involved in campus life, experience leadership opportunities and take advantage of programs and support services available to them at Ventura College.