Committee Charge: 

The Budget and Resource Committee (BRC) is an operational committee responsible for making recommendations to the College Planning Committee and the Ventura College Executive Team.  The faculty Co-Chair of the BRC or designee serves as a member of the Accreditation Steering Advisory Group and makes a budget report to the College Planning Committee about Ventura College budget and resource activities.  The BRC meets regularly to consider and recommend program review resource requests that support the goals of Ventura College and the District Educational Master Plans, performs usage analysis of College resources to support a sustainable budget, considers strategic and budget planning, accountability issues, social justice and equity, and analyzes total cost of ownership issues for Ventura College.  The sub‐committees of the BRC are the Facilities Oversight Advisory Group and the Technology Advisory Group, which prepare reports and make recommendations to the BRC.

Meeting Times: 3rd Wednesday, 2:30 - 4:00 PM, MCW-312




Faculty (6):

  1. Mea Brink (Tri-Chair)
  2. Sandra Melton
  3. Rachel Johnson - Academic Senate President
  4. Emily Bartel
  5. Ned Mircetic or Brent Wilson
  6. Steve Paladino (representing FOG)


  1. ASVC Director of Finance

 Classified (4):

  1. Erika Hurtado
  2. Eduardo Medrano
  3. Carol Smith
  4. Katheryn Solorio

  Classified Supervisors

  1. David Casas (Tri-Chair)
  2. Tamishiah Allen

 Administrators (2):

  1. Career Ed, Academic Dean - Felicia Duenas
  2. College Information Technology, Director - Grant Jones

 Non-Voting Members:

  1. Business & Admin. Services, Vice President - James Zavas (Tri-Chair)
  2. FM&O, Director - Jesse Sluder
  3. Institutional Effectiveness, Dean - Phillip Briggs
  4. Dean, Health, Kinesiology, Athletics - Jeffery Alexander
  5. Dean, Sciences - Aaron Jones
  6. Interim Dean, Student Services - Gema Sanchez
  7. Faculty - History, Colleen Coffey