Ventura College's Responsibilities

What are a college's responsibilities?

  • Fairly, equitably, and immediately investigate all complaints
  • Protect the complainant
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Take immediate and effective steps to resolve the situation equitably
  • End the violence
  • Determine strategies to prevent recurrence
  • Address the effects

Student and Employee Responsibilities

Wondering if sexual harassment has occurred?

If you can answer "yes" to any one of the questions below, you may have witnessed or experienced sexual harassment. For your protection and for future prevention say something immediately: contact JP Bareng Schumacher at (805) 289-6131 or

  • Were there unwanted requests or unwelcomed behavior of a sexual nature?
  • Were there unwelcomed comments about an individual's body, sexual activity, or sexual attractiveness?
  • Did sexually suggestive touching, leering, gestures, sounds, comments, stalking, intimidation, or displays of sexually suggestive objects take place?

How can YOU prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, and sex violence on campus?

  • Promptly report any discrimination, sexual harassment, or sex violence.
  • Listen, observe, and stay informed.
  • Ask yourself...
    • Was my or the individual's behavior appropriate?
    • Was my or the individual's behavior welcomed?
    • Was my or the individuals behavior offensive?
  • Say "NO"! Tell the harasser to stop and that their behavior is unwanted and unwelcomed.
  • Report, not retaliate. Retaliation, threats, or other forms of intimidation are illegal and will not be tolerated.
  • Technology. Appropriately use your technological devices including calls, texts, posts, or emails.
  • Joking. Remember that derogatory or suggestive jokes at another's expense is always inappropriate.