Athletics and Title IX

Title IX and athletics have been closely tied together since the establishment of the law. Title IX provides equal opportunity for both men and women student athletes and coaches through addressing and working to prevent gender-based (sex) discrimination in athletic programs and activities. The three main components of Title IX in athletics include participation, athletic financial assistance, and treatment in program areas.

Title IX ensures equal opportunity for both men and women in athletic programs through:

  • Coaching
  • Practice schedules
  • Game times
  • Tutoring and academic services
  • Travel, housing, and dining
  • Locker rooms, medical, and competitive facilities
  • Recruitment practices
  • Assignment, compensation, and office facilities for coaches
  • Publicity

Title IX states that financial assistance (e.g. scholarships) should be proportionate to both male and female athletes

Title IX asserts that athletic budgets do not have to be equal, but must provide equal benefits

Title IX addresses and prevents gender-based discrimination

Testing an Institution's Compliance

A school must pass ONE of the following three-prong tests:

  1. The number of participation opportunities for female and male athletes is in balance and proportionate to enrollment.
  2. The college has a proven history and continuing practice of expanding participation opportunities in response to the developing interests and abilities of the underrepresented gender.
  3. The college is fully and effectively meeting the interests and abilities of the underrepresented gender.

Ventura College and Title IX in Athletics:

  • Each athletic program receives the same amount of government funding; any further funding is due to the team's fundraising efforts.
  • Each player receives the same per diem during traveling.
  • Game and practice schedules are designed with the effort to provide equal treatment to all teams and rental groups.
  • Athletic participation is proportionate to enrollment at Ventura College.
  • The college seeks athletic administrative and coaching staff that seek to better the athlete holistically, are innovative, and experienced in skill and care.

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