Components of the PACE Online Programs

Course Modality

All pace programs are offered fully online. This means all your courses are in an asynchronous, online format. You are not required to be in a class on a certain day or time and you can complete your assignments and pick up and submit work at any time of day or night.

Course Deadlines

Every online course in our PACE programs has assignment deadlines. That means that though you can complete work at any time during the day or night, you still must adhere to any and all assignment and submission deadlines outlined in each courses syllabus and on the course site.

Compressed Courses

All courses in our PACE programs are offered in a compressed online format, meaning that instead of the typical 16-week semester for course completion, you complete a course in half, third, or even fourth of that time. Because of the accelerated and compressed nature of these courses you should expect to spend roughly 20 hours a week on course work—reading, reviewing assignments and resources, completing assignments, participating in group discussions, and writing papers and completing projects.

Learning Management System

Ventura College uses Canvas as their Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS contains your virtual classroom and could also be considered your virtual school building, since it is the place online where all your courses for your degree will take place. For any course you’re enrolled in via PACE, you will enter Canvas online and see a course card with the current course names and instructors. You log into the courses in Canvas and can work on your assignments, view course content, participate in online discussions, and submit your completed work into Canvas.


Ventura offers all courses in PACE programs as “ZTC,” or Zero Textbook Costs courses. That means that all course sites in Canvas include the required readings and links to free eBooks, articles, websites, and videos supporting the course. If a course requires a book that is not free or available in electronic format, the PACE unit works with the library and bookstore staff to send books to PACE students for use during the duration of the course (with return mailers included so you can send back the books to us at the end of the course).

Distance Education Orientation

Ventura College’s Distance Education (DE) unit provides a free (but required) online DE orientation course for our PACE students prior to your program starting. Each student will be registered into the course and complete it over a two-week period. The DE orientation is fully online (in Canvas) and will help all learners explore Canvas and learn how to use various Canvas functions you’ll need to know to participate in courses. In addition, the DE Orientation provides you with additional information about the many resources Ventura College offers all students and will help you to hone your time management skills so you can successfully complete your accelerated courses.