Scholarships and Grants

General Scholarship Information

Students should apply for as many scholarships as possible. In addition to applying for external scholarships, it is very important to pursue those that are school-specific and at the local level. Fewer students apply for local scholarships, as opposed to those at the state or national level where there is more competition. Students should also research professional associations in their field, as many offer annual awards.

It is important for students to carefully plan out their application process in advance, and gather commonly requested scholarship information. Individual scholarship guidelines should be thoroughly checked for eligibility requirements. These steps help ensure all applications are completed more efficiently and to specification. Submitting your application on time is key, so always check deadlines and contact potential references or letter writers at least a month in advance.

The lists provided include scholarships/grants for active duty, reserves, veterans, dependent children and spouses, plus both military-connected and general scholarships open to all groups. Please view Scholarship Resources prior to beginning your search. View individual scholarship sections and links under External Scholarships and Grants for specific application details.

For your convenience, a Scholarship Tracking Log is provided to compile all of your application information.

Important: When applying for scholarships or grants, you should never be asked to provide a credit card or personal banking information.

Scholarship Resources