What is priority registration?

It means that students in special populations such as military students, are eligible to enroll for courses earlier than others. Ventura College offers priority registration for classes to all veterans and members of the military. If you are using your VA educational benefits, you will automatically be entered into the system to receive first-day priority registration. If you are not using your VA educational benefits at a public community college and want priority registration, you must present your DD214 or military ID to Admissions and Records, OR upload online via Secure Form Submission.

If you are unsure of how to do this, please call the VRC at 805-289-6060 and we can assist you.

Note: Dependents are not eligible for priority registration, unless they are a member of another special population. Those include the following: CalWorks, EAC/ACCESS (DSP&S), EOPS, Foster Youth, and Homeless Youth.

When is priority registration?

STUDENTS – please click on and carefully read the Academic Calendar .

It contains specific information and registration requirements pertinent to each set of Key Dates noted below, and important information pertaining to all summer class schedules

Online Class Schedule Summer 2024

Key dates

March 15 – Continuing student registration appt times listed on MyVCCCD.

April 15 –  Special population registration for students with fewer than 90 units.  This includes Military Veterans/active duty personnel.

April 22 – Continuing Student Priority Registration. Must have fewer than 90 units.

April 29 – Start of New Student Priority Registration

April 29 – Returning Student Priority Registration

Note: for students who have not attended the college within the past year, who have completed less than 90 degree applicable units, and have not been on two (2) consecutive semesters of academic or progress probation.

May 1 (Summer/Fall)

Start of Summer/Fall Open Registration, including continuing and returning students with 90+ units and/or not in good academic standing, or who have not completed orientation, assessment, and/or an educational plan.

Online registration is closed daily from 2:00 am to 6:00 am Pacific time for system maintenance*

For Appointments, check your student portal. Check on the Register/Pay tab, and then click "View Registration Appointment".

Request your Benefits Each Semester

Certification is not automatic. To have your certification submitted to the VA, you must complete the New & Returning Student Checklist AND submit the completed online Veterans Agreement Form before the start of each semester.

Report any Changes

Always contact the VC College Veterans Counselor located in the VRC to report any change in your enrollment. Changes such as Add/Drop or Withdrawals, switching courses, etc. need to be reported immediately so that students do not end up owing money back to the VA.

Helpful Registration Resources