College Fee Waiver

What is the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver?

The Cal Vet College Fee Waiver (CVCFW) for Veteran Dependents benefit waives mandatory system-wide tuition and fees at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. This program does not cover the expense of books, parking, or other Ventura College fees.  Please review the Cal Vet Handbook for additional information.

How does the process work?

This is a State of California benefit wherein Ventura College writes off the student’s state tuition each semester. This is not a VA program, and Ventura College is not the approving agency. No money is provided to Ventura College on the student’s behalf. Once approved, the waiver letter contains a unique code which is used by the college to access your information through the state website.

The waiver is good for one academic year, and each waiver can be accessed and used once. If you are taking classes at more than one educational institution, you must submit a separate waiver for each.  The CVCFW does not have a minimum course load requirement. The waiver will be applied regardless of the number of units a student is taking. It is not applied to programs that do not charge state tuition.

Note: CalVet Plan B allows dependent children of a parent who is 100% disabled to simultaneously utilize Chapter 35 Benefits, assuming they meet other stipulated criteria. 

Income Threshold

The current income threshold for 2024-25 cannot exceed $21,561. 

Effective January 1, 2024 Plan B applicant income, which includes the student's adjusted gross income for the prior year plus the value of any support received from a parent, will no longer be measured against the federal poverty threshold limit when making a fee waiver eligibility determination. Instead, beginning with Academic Year 2024-25, the student's income will not be allowed to exceed the state poverty level as published in the resident requirement filing chart found on the Franchise Tax Board website.  This change was brought about by the passage of AB 1745 in October 2023.

Waiver Submission

Students must submit their completed application to their local County Veterans Service Office (CVSO).  If the student is approved to use the CalVet Fee Waiver program, an award letter is issued by the CVSO.  Letters are sent via USPS mail, and are typically received within a maximum 10 business days.

Veterans Services Office
2901 N. Ventura Road, 3rd Floor
Oxnard, CA 93036

Ph: 805-477-5155

Documents to take with you (copies are accepted)

  • Original completed application
  • Government-issued birth certificate *must show the names of both parents.
  • Veteran’s DD214
  • Veterans Disability Rating Letter
  • Student's signed/dated 1040 from the Prior tax year OR
  • Student's Individual Status Letter of Non-Filing (if student is applying under Plan B and did not file taxes) *If you require this letter, please review the information below

Authorization/Award Letter

Upon award letter receipt, it is the student’s responsibility to provide the letter containing their assigned 16-digit identification number to the Ventura College Financial Aid Office. This number is in bold at the top of their letter.

FTB Non-Filing Letter

FTB Non-Filing Letter

An Individual Status Letter states that an individual has no California tax obligation and/or filing requirement. They help a requester in the process of either obtaining a student loan or financing from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Individual Status Letters may be obtained by an individual, the parent of a minor child, or by an authorized representative of the requester. This is a quick 3-part process – via the email submission information found in the link above

  • The student is asked to submit their name, address, phone number, and email.
  • The student receives an email back from the FTB typically within 5-7 days, asking them to clarify the tax year for which they require information, and to upload their Photo ID and Social Security card.
  • The student receives their Individual Status Letter back via USPS, typically within 10 business days. Note: time frames can vary.
  • Upon receipt, the student is ready to take all necessary documents to the local Veterans Services Office, OR submit their application and supporting documents via email to: OR fax them to: 805-477-5418.

CalVet - Women Veterans

CalVet Women Veterans Resources

California is home to nearly 163,000 women who served in our U.S. military. They are veterans, family members, friends, business owners, professionals, community leaders, and advocates. Women Veterans served in every major U.S. conflict and in peacetime since our Revolutionary War. For this they are owed a great debt of gratitude.

Minority & Underrepresented Veterans

Minority & Underrepresented Veterans

While minority veterans comprise approximately 47% of the total California veteran population, as a group, they are less likely to access their veterans benefits than non-minority veterans. The Minority and Underrepresented Veterans Division will ensure that all veterans have equal access to their earned benefits, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Driver's Licenses

Cal Vet - Veteran Designation on Drivers’ License and ID Card

A new law for 2023 - Veteran Designation on Driver's Licenses (SB 837) eliminates the $5 fee for obtaining a military “VETERAN" designation on a driver's license or identification (ID) card. 

Eligible veterans have the opportunity to add the word "VETERAN" to the front of their driver license or ID card to indicate that they have served in the U.S. Military.  It can also play a critical role in enabling access to certain privileges, and benefits associated with being a veteran without having to carry and produce a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Interested veterans need to present a valid DD Form 214 to a local CVSO to receive a Veteran Status Verification form. Then, the veteran takes the CVSO verification form to a DMV field office for processing. DMV could charge the standard cost of a new, renewal, or duplicate license fee for this enhancement.