For the Fall 2019 semester, all students will be eligible to enroll in transfer-level math courses The college will assess most students on the basis of their U.S. high school GPA and transcripts. In some cases, the college may look at other information, to help match students with the right courses to help them meet their goal.

There are several math pathways that students can choose from, and it is important that you work with a counselor to select the pathway that is right for your major and educational goal.

Support Options

Many students will benefit from new classes that will be offered as supplemental support with some math sections.

Those students have been identified in the application process and will only be able to take transfer-level math with suggested supplemental support.

To support your success in transfer-level math courses, Ventura College is expanding tutoring and student support services.

For further information contact the Assessment Office at (805)289-6402, or by email at

Students with learning disabilities, or those experiencing difficulties, are encouraged to contact the Educational Assistance Center (EAC) at (805) 289-6300.

Next Steps

Make an appointment with a Counselor to create your Student Education Plan (SEP) to help you make the best selection of courses based on your ability, needs, and degree requirements.

Visit the Counseling Department website for contact information and office hours.