Mission Statement

BICT of Ventura College endeavors to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for students, employees and visitors.

BICT Values

BICT has identified the two core values of communication and integrity to help support our mission.

The BICT will demonstrate communication through responsive and responsible collaboration, collecting information, identifying risks, and intervening when appropriate to protect people from harming themselves or others. The Behavioral Intervention Care Team uses a proactive approach that balances the needs of the student who may be in crisis and the overall safety of the campus community.

Integrity entails behaving in a trustworthy and responsible manner, upholding protocols and policies with a strong commitment to inclusivity, diversity, transparency, and accountability. This commitment ultimately serves the best interests of students, faculty, and staff at Ventura College.


The VC Behavior & Intervention Care Team helps keep our community healthy and safe. You are an important member of the team. Your reports allow the team to reach out to individuals and provide appropriate intervention and support. With your help, the team is better able to keep the campus a safe environment in which students, faculty and staff may live, study and work.


Do not ignore comments about suicide, violence, or harm to self or others.  If you have safety concerns or need immediate assistance, contact the Campus Police Department at 9-1-1 or 805-437-8444.

Our focus is supporting staff and faculty with concerns for students who may be in distress. We coordinate resources and implement a centralized response, with the goals of providing assistance to the individual and keeping our community healthy and safe.

What is a BICT Team?

A behavioral & intervention care team (BICT) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is meeting regularly to support its target audience (students, employees, faculty, staff) via an established protocol. The team tracks reported student concerns over time, detecting patterns, trends, and disturbances in individual or group behavior.

The team receives reports of disruptive, problematic, or concerning behavior or misconduct (from co-workers, community members, friends, colleagues, etc), conducts an investigation, performs a threat assessment, and determines the best mechanisms for support, intervention, warning/notification, and response. The team then deploys its resources, and the resources of the community, and coordinates follow-up.

The BICT Team approach is a proactive way to address the growing need in the college and university community for a centralized, coordinated, caring, developmental intervention for those in need, prior to crisis.

The BICT Team at Ventura College:

  • Dr. Jeffery Alexander, Dean of Student Life
  • Dr. Gema Espinoza Sanchez, Interim Dean of Student Affairs
  • Lt. Mike Pallotto, VCCCD Police Department
  • Andrew Nelson, LMFT
  • Lucy Capuano, Psychology Faculty
  • Steven Turner, ADA Faculty Specialty
  • Laura Hamilton, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, PHN

**Other individuals may be pulled in on an as needed basis