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Program Purpose: Students in the Welding Technology (WEL) program will develop the knowledge and manual skills necessary to be employable in the welding/metal fabrication industry. Program outcomes include the ability to perform various welding processes, comprehend industry quality standards, apply safety requirements, interpret blueprint drawings, and utilize industry-related nomenclature. Project design and fabrication methodologies are stressed in relation to material selection and metallurgy.

Program Description: The WEL program offers numerous training options. Students can enroll into process- specific courses such as shielded metal arc-welding, flux-core arc-welding, gas metal arc-welding, or gas tungsten arc-welding to acquire skill sets on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Students can complete a one-year vocational Certificate of Achievement degree, or a two-year Associate of Science degree which commonly leads to supervisor and shop management opportunities. Ventura College WEL students are prepared for a wide range of manufacturing metal fabrication-related positions such as certified welder, quality-control inspection, project designers, and various levels of supervision and business ownership.

What is Welding?

Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence. This is often done by melting the work pieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material (the weld puddle) that cools to become a strong joint, with pressure sometimes used in conjunction with heat, or by itself, to produce the weld.

In manufacturing, welders help build everything from automobiles to massive, heavy equipment.

In construction, welders are a major part of the success of any job. In maintenance, welders keep equipment operational to prevent down time; prolong the life of steel equipment; and repair, fix, or replace metal on equipment, tools, or machinery.

Welded globe created by Ventura College Welding Program

Career Opportunities:

A welding career can be lucrative. Jobs in construction, fabrication, automotive and industrial settings are available. Welders work from the small shop down the street to the largest factories in major cities.

  • Maintenance
  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Ironwork/manufacturing/sheet metal
  • Equipment repair
  • Product sales
  • Welding inspector
  • Marine construction
  • Sculpture

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

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Department Chair: Ralph Fernandez

Lead Faculty: Michael Clark